Sorcerers should take out trees, docks and bridges too!

Who else thinks it’s dumb that sorcerers can take out boats, but not houses, docks, trees or bridges? There’s good stuff in there sometimes!

First, sorcerers can take out bridges, boats and some huts + rubie mine. Second, what really do u get from those??? 3 min speedups, healing potions, kidding me…it doesn’t even matter tbh. Pro tip: Use Hunters

I agree, sometimes we may be missing chests. But thinking it backwards may be because of locking system, so when you are on a pinch you just hit towers. Best thing to do is stop using sorcerer’s :rofl::rofl:

Fortunately, chests are only dropped from monuments (which can be shot using sorcerer as well)

LOVE hunters. Love Warriors even more…but I’ve started a new love affair with EQUESTOR this season and because of this, I’ll take what I can get from the huts, bridges and trees. The more the better.
Actually, it’s more the principle of the thing. I don’t see why sorcerers should be disadvantaged like this. It’s DRAGONTYPEISM! Revolution now!!!

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My bad, I meant in Atlas

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