SOS Save My Mind

I’m sitting in an HOA board meeting right now and it’s gone on for 40 minutes but it feels like 40 hours please send me things to amuse me while I endure other people talking about how wonderful solar lights and low lighting are.

Edit: thank god for this being virtual so nobody can see me in my sweatpants rolling my eyes.


Focus on work

How can these people talk so much about grass and pinestraw.


:joy::joy::joy: sweat pants :rofl::rofl::rofl: yeah pls none of that I can agree wouldn’t like seeing that or someone else see me in those and or underwear.

Idk my overused meme

Players when PG annoys them:




Okay I made an overused meme but hey what can I say but this Book series joke (WOF)

They have no life :3

WTF IS CLEAN PINE STRAW?!?! looooorrrd


Clean pine straw is a commonly used mulch up north


What’s dirty pine straw?

WHY DO PEOPLE BUY PINE STRAW?!?!?! :neutral_face: :neutral_face:


Probably the same thing as Clean Pine Straw but worse

Unsterilized vs sterilized

Wtf? Who sterilizes pine straw? Like they rub hand sanitizer on it?

Idk what pine straw is used for but straw hats

Growing mushrooms for example

We got the Christmas lights police here yall. “ItS fEbRuArY tHiS pRoBlEm ChIlD dOeSnT gEt It.”

You autoclave it

Or boil it

You mean someone legit takes pine straw into their kitchen and sits and boils it before throwing it on a tree?

I think I’m a problem child too …

I autoclave large batches and inoculate it with mycelium and grow gourmet mushrooms at about 10-20 dollars a ounce lol
Depending on type lol