Souldance Dragon resurrection Survey

I don’t want an old dragon to be resurrected. Why was that not an option?


Then don’t vote or claim anything, simple


You have an option, just ignore the branch :thinking:


Why not better options. Bring back Necryx


It is a little weird considering they’ve always sworn up and down that they’d never bring back old dragons but considering most dragons from past seasons are completely outdated now it doesn’t bother me a ton. However if they change the spellsets to make them more powerful… then that’s a problem. What’s the point for people to get a dragon if they might come back more powerful sometime in the future?

I’m conflicted about it cause on one hand it is mostly useless and for the collectors out there but it has the potential to piss off a lot of people.


You have a point, only 2 i want to see possibly come back is necryx and Borigan


Necryx is useless with the ice flak so that would be fine lol.


I didn’t get a survey


Why didn’t they make rainbow stones an option?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no time to get the flags out, rainbow stone alert!!!

I remember topics being closed ,PG constantly saying old dragons never coming back. I also remember posting soon as the ship started sinking PG would do this. This just shows PG isnt true to their word. :rofl::rofl:


My main point was that old dragons are useless in current battle conditions, so why bring them back? If it’s an issue of collecting more dragons then I’m fine with that.

What ever we may think about this, “resurrecting” old dragons has been asked for by many players. So I don’t have a problem of giving what the players want. It’s a shame most of the dragons selected were never very good.


Some of the dragons were op back when they came out. Now they would be a joke to fly against a good modern base. Plus the list they gave us to select from was a bad joke.

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Giving the players what they want is not always a good thing and many good arguments have been made about why bringing back past dragons and the dreaded rainbow evolution stones have been shot down for the past 5 years. If PG implemented everything the players asked for this game would be an unplayable mess (even more so than it is already).

Fomhar, Aibrean, and Avyx were pretty decent for their time (especially Fomhar who was absolutely amazing at the time) but they are all pretty worthless in the current meta. That’s why I wouldn’t exactly mind it I guess though I don’t know that I like being told no for 5 years and then having it randomly happen with no input from the playerbase beforehand. If they bring back mythics or adjust the old dragons to be good in the current meta (which they discussed potentially doing on stream) then that would be a major breach of trust imo. Season dragons have always been advertised as limited time and as unchanging. To bend that definition would breed a lot of uncertainty in the future about claiming dragons who may be changed to be more powerful later and would no longer make them feel as special.


I do a bit since for years they’ve been saying no, old dragons and their stones wont come back, it cheapens the work people put into getting them.
In fact it’s rather crappy that if I wanted the extra stones for Leos that I’d still have to pay full price for the green-obsidian stones even though I already have them, unless you get all of their original stones included when you get the dragon’s orange egg

I wonder though what happens to the egg if we already have that dragon. Do we just not get an item we’ve paid sigils for? Can they even legally do that?


Resurrection dragon will not use stones to evolve. This increase in costs once again with no increase in prizes sucks azz.

I don’t think this is about resurrecting old dragons. It could be that PG has run out of ideas and is trying to find a good spellset. ?

They can 100% legally do that, if you spent money however, apple may give you a refund

There’s also a lot of questions that weren’t answered.

Will you get all the runes and glyphs again?
Will you get the portraits?
What happens if you have the current dragon in your roster and you complete the full line? Can you use those leftover stones on other dragons? (I highly doubt it, but then what is the point?)
Will they be assimilated?

Lol and so many more questions.
Hopefully the blog will have a lot more info tomorrow.