SoulDance is starting!

Does anyone know when SoulDance ends? Making an event schedule

Don’t think ghats been mentioned yet

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Okay. I was thinking/believing it would be ending December 2nd but I figured i’d ask. Thanks :hugs:

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Main game seasons are 13 weeks long, you do the math


So December 2nd?

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Ok, I am a bit confused, PG says the new season starts on the 3rd, (Thursday) however Fort starts Wednesday, the 2nd.

Yes an event will start on a Wednesday but this time it just so happens Sept. 1st Wednesday is the 2nd

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December 2nd is start of new season. SoulDance ends on November 30th. (31st if you count the armoury staying up on Tuesday).

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Starts at Thursday, the 3rd for me :smiling_imp:

Jokes aside, both should start at the same time


Me too. One of the advantages of living +12:30 hours PST.

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After 3 months

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