Souldance Livestream AMA

Hi all, just posting an official Souldance AMA here so we can knock some of these questions out/post some clarifications.

What is this 20% Boost?

During the stream, I said the Boost was the same thing as a Discount, I misunderstood what it was! This is what it really is:

It is a boost to resources given, not a discount on price. for branches to which it is applied (Resurrection Branch, Wave 2 Dragon, Wave 2 Rider, Festive Dragon), for two weeks after branch release, each node with resources will contain 120% resources for the same sigil cost.

Not affected: Evolution Stones, Season Keys, Portraits, Rider Fragments, Runes, etc

Increased: Chests, Fire/Ice Shards, Black Pearls, Elemental Embers, Electrum Bars, Timers, Crafting Materials, Breeding Tokens, Mystic Fragments, Inner Fires, Food packs, Wood packs, XP packs, Energy packs, Rune Dust

After two weeks, the resources will return to their normal amounts

Will there be a Redemption Branch for Sunscorch Keys?

Yes, it will be the same as last season and available for the first two weeks of the next season. You’ll be able to convert Sunscorch keys to resources.


What details do you have on how the resurection branch will function?

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When are we gonna get the post about the new season structure?

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You mean like the stuff he showed us in the live stream?

On topic: I would rather have the 50% discount on week 6 instead of the 20% boost. Unless of course you give us both.

Off topic: y’all gonna tell us about the 5.26 update? We used to have a few days to digest updates before they got dumped on us.


When will the voting results be made public with the winner? (I.e. when is voting cut-off?)

Vote haven’t started yet


Why not make this boost permanent?
The cost of the branches continue increasing. IMO, the boost should be increased along with it.


It has, you should be receiving a pop-up message in game. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be posting that today.



What is inside the Electrum Bars branch? Is it the same as Howitzer branch or Pylon branch?


Namely, number of Golds and number of timers, please? :wink:



Questions for “Resurrection Branch”:

  • Is the old dragon the same as previous one and just provide stones? What if I already have them, would I get 2 in different levels?
  • Why can’t we vote for the seasonal legendary besides that list?

My guess is they ran out of ideas, so every season now there will be a “resurrection branch” with different dragons to vote on. Seems like a big waste of sigils to get an old dragon that again will be obsolete in a few months.

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Ok let me rephrase as questions. Why aren’t we doing a half off dragon on week 6?

Why don’t we know about updates ahead of time anymore?


How will it be any different from the current new dragons that are obsolete within a few months?

It won’t be, with the exception that they won’t have to spend money on new content and creation. Costs them much less just to update an old dragon instead of creating a new one. High input from us, low output from them.

I thought the same

I think the idea of a resurrected dragons fits well with the theme of this season. I don’t expect it will be repeated

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