Souldance Season - Official Discussion Thread

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  • Souldance is better than Prom (Positive)
  • I’m going to Souldance with friends out of obligation (Neutral)
  • Souldance is like not getting asked to Prom (Negative)

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Which dragon are you most excited about?

  • Marav
  • Luzok
  • Calavore
  • Sepulla

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Perfect timing to login to forums lol

edit: I still think the powers that be should consider adding to Dirge to gain 1 rage upon cast since it’s the longest cooldown white death gaze and also the least “powerful”, all others have less cool down or have a heal


All I want is a 3rd discount, preferably one that has Chunk with Galileo’s hair


Why is there no option for “all dragons” in the poll?



The cost of this season is significantly more than previous season! Glad I got a mythic last season, It was so e2p friendly.


This is going to be the best season ever!!!



I think Sepulla could be a really fun dragon, but I am concerned about its freeze spell. In a previous release, it had a 5 sec duration but now is 2 sec. That is really short, esp. for a 2 rage spell. Why was it decreased so much? Is that really a good idea for a mythic??


My question about the spells on Sepulla is about ashes to ashes. It says a 4 second cool down. Is that between the first cast and second cast or is there a shorter time between 1st and 2nd cast then a 4 second cool down before it can be used again.

If I’m not mistaken the health of the summoned dragon was 100% as well before, but is now 200%. It might have been too tough to ever take down with 5 seconds of a freeze duration AND 200% summoned warrior health, imagine taking down a dragon with almost triple health when towers are frozen for that long…

Only speculation of course, we’ll have to see how it flies, but I’m sure there’ll be a buff thread by week two of the season.


You think we can last that long without demanding a buff!


Good Q. But if you get all the tunes, cool down decreases by 1.75 sec - pretty big effect.
But I also wonder: how big is the area? Same as gild?

Only because everyone’s waiting til week 2 to open chests, otherwise it’d be day 2 :sweat_smile:


That’s assuming that you place all the runes on him - most people place the mythic, maybe the legendary, but no one ever places the epic unless they genuinely have nothing else to equip.


It’s so silly to have runes/glyphs that decrease CDs. Just… give the dragon that shorter cooldown and put an actually useful secondary on them. Other than that, this season will be my favorite yet!


@PGGalileo why the Sorcerer got allready nerfed? With a 2s freeze he will be useless, why reduced the duration?

Also, the summon doesn’t make sense. It blocks 90% of damage, which then heals the dragon. That means Sepulla only takes 10% damage, while healing by 90%. So that’s +80% health? Weird. Sounds like Sepulla never takes damage until summon goes down?

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He will go down quick when the 2s freeze are over.

Because they doubled the summon HP…perhaps they reduced the cooldown by a little too much. Just have to wait and see though.

So is there a discount 2nd wave or not?

And why didn’t y’all keep it the same like last season anyways? :woman_facepalming:

Does the resurrection branch have the portraits and runes the dragon came with too? That may impact a lot of people’s decisions.

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