Souldance Season - Week 2 - TEAM GAUNTLET

@BGage92 thank you most kindly… your open generosity far outshines that of our host… point to wit I’d been addressing in my post… inasmuch as Armory shuts down two days into most events these days… Treasure Hunt being so drastically Nerfed I’m lucky to see perhaps 1 Energy and maybe 1 Inner Fire before Events begin…: as I said Chests stop dropping two days in then by the third day a person might open a hundred Chests and not see a single Inner Fire … don’t anyone go spouting statistics or boasting charts … we’re well aware of PG’s rants - while player experience speaks volumes leaves much to be desired! :zap::fire::zap:

Chest opens are table driven, and are predictable. I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe you opened a hundred bronze chests and do not see a single inner fire - I know it is not possible for golds. 10 opens of 10 gold chests will net you 120 inner fires from legendary drops, more from epic. I opened over 400 golds and 1500 bronze, and now have 1800 inner fires (not sure how many I started with).

As to Treasure Hunt … yes, I don’t bother with it - it isn’t worth any additional effort. I just do regular egg token, xp, and PVP runs, and save the chests through the season and open all at once in the discount PVP.


@PGGalileo Any updates? Or has the discussion yet to take place?

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The team has come up with three ideas and they will be chatting with GPF about it this week. The ideas are based on the feedback from this thread.


Thank you! Please keep us in the loop! :smiley:

I am absolutely disgusted at the lack of response to this issue.

We were initially told you were looking at this the day after event start. Then it changed to after the weekend aka after event.

Here we are with the thread about to close due to lack of activity and still nothing.

For all the good things @PGGalileo is trying to achieve, this getting swept under the carpet until the event rotates back in is not a timely solution.

Using 700 inners on a 300/350 inner event is not acceptable because you got the mechanics wrong.

We need an update on this.



@PGGalileo Update please on gauntlet?

(Side note, any updates as well on healing time/potions? And has the mythic glyph in breeding stuff been forwarded to the team yet?)


PG also said nothing about the suggestions of KW 2.0 and TR. :roll_eyes:

Kingdom Wars

Temple Raid


Those are good posts to look at as well! :slight_smile: I was mainly just asking for updates on things that were said to be looking into, rather than suggesting new stuff that would need a back & forth

I’ve asked for what the official view of the first run of the revamped KW as well. But PG pay lip service to this stuff