Souldance Wave 2 - Official Discussion Thread

Arise, ye souls - to greet Morta and Amalia: From the Lights and Marigolds Emerges Morta and Amalia to join the Souldance!

Do you have feelings for Morta?

  • Morta Kombaaaaat! (Positive)
  • It’s Morta or Less Meh (Neutral)
  • Morta? Ignoredya. (Negative)

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How do you feel about Amalia?

  • Amalia ever wanted! (Positive)
  • Amalia never needed (Neutral)
  • Amaliyuck. (Negative)

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@PGGalileo might just be my phone screen but you pictures are off screen to large. All other posts seem to be okay except this one :thinking:

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@PGGalileo Wait, so does neither Send Off or Set Free have a cooldown and thus you can just spam them?

Amalia is just depressing. Such a waste of a gorgeous rider


Wait does Morta have cooldown?

I will triple check on cooldowns, but I just had both designers look at it before releasing the blog!


I want the portrait but she’s terrible!


By “terrible,” you mean…


Spells are terrible, best thing is 20% boost, 6 keys, and that dang portrait
Chunk isn’t pleased today, he shall require another sacrifice.


Well pg deliberately don’t put howi on the test base in the spotlight video and im pretty sure most of us know why

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Also because it will struggle against howies

Her skills/buffs etc. Let me explain a bit- she’s gorgeous so hats off to the design team there, but…the player base has come to expect improved riders each season…especially in defensive ones! With the bigger towers out- players cannot justify removing a better rider for a newer one. Does that make sense? She should be an improvement on Kasima or on Crom or even a merger between the two with buffs that improve upon theirs…


And now that I think more - maybe she is a merger of the two but not a merger with a better buff - giving us a reason to push to get her :thinking:

We discussed the negative reaction to Amalia with the team (and GPF!) and we agreed that we need to take a hard long look at the value and place for defensive riders in the meta. We THINK we are going to be changing how they operate/their importance in the next season (or the one after).

We came to the same conclusion that you did!


I want more info on this! Axi may just be spared today


I don’t know if we’re expecting as better riders as much as hoping for better but expecting nothing special, at least with defensive riders. There hasn’t been a “better” one for ages.


Same, she’s so useless. I wish I could get her line and then just trade all of her rider shards for additional timers. If we could do that I’d get her in a heart beat. I hate when the main thing in a line is worthless

Totally useless as a defensive rider for anyone who has bothered to get one of the other defensive riders in the last couple of years. Her stats are just lame and again, she doesnt even come with a construction skill to help out newer players.
Everything in Red is a waste of skill points

If they dont then that seems a tad rediculous. Seems like you just put a reverse projectiles on her and then spam the fluxs for no cost to wipe out an island


If there is no cool down, I’d give up Cal to get it as that is a guaranteed wipe of any island pretty much


Mega perch 2.0😱


From the spotlight video it looks like Send Off has no cd but Set Free has about a 6s cooldown. But then again it wouldnt be the first time a spotlight video was showing something wrong since they seem to be done before the dragons are finalized

Edit: Anyone know what the damage stats for Spellflux are? I want to say it’s 75% and then like 5% splash damage but cant find a blog entry for it with actual numbers

We discussed the best in class defensive rider (Crom, maybe Kasima) and what it would take to make a rider at that level. Since many players only need 1 or 2 Defensive Riders for their entire WD lifetime, it starts to be weird to keep introducing Defensive Riders that aren’t up to that level – but also difficult to keep adding buffer and buffer Devensive Riders while maintaining overall balance.

It’s a tough proposition to be sure, and I made sure to advocate the re-examination of that System because this Amalia situation brought up a lot of questions.