Souldance Wave 2 - Official Discussion Thread

Overall it’s not terrible it can hit at tier but Morta most likely struggles hitting up from the footage the offensive spells look as if she’ll easily die hitting up cause she can’t dodge towers that aren’t lightning or drakul towers like Faf
Defended this dragon is most likely dead

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Alright, fixed. Morta has a cooldown of 5 seconds at the end of the Death’s Head cycle. That’s it!


Hahaha. Yes, we’re going to create Mega Watchtower. 4 Defensive Riders are stationed in a perch location and their skills stack!

(THIS IS A JOKE… unless it sounds cool).


What kind of defense that he has against howizler, cause this dragon wont pass a base with howi undefended unless it hit down ( like 2-3 tier)


Yeah uh no that’s too Op as Ronin, and Surt was

This actually good i can just put all 4 rider with construction reduction i have the angel bieber and 2 other rider with 10% reduction so bring it in


They were designed way before howi existence like a year before howi so they dont count

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Well look at Surt when it wasn’t nerfed
Ronin is a dragon that required skill to fly on high tier bases too and that would easily piss people off if you made a perch way too OP

What’s your defense this time, doesn’t make any sense what your intentions is

As mentioned in the other topics, I think what people would like to see is some variation but actually viable in defensive riders rather than just keep seeing their stats go up higher and higher. Kasima was a pretty good variation on Crom with something that made her stand out while still having viable stats. Amalia on the other hand is a weak imitation as she only boosts 1 pre-chosen flak and her other boosts are weak compared to almost all the previous defensive riders in the 5 seasons or so

  • The idea of a Hugo version that specializes in tower HP and has very little damage boost.

  • A defensive rider like Angel Bieber (Adriel) that has so-so boosts but a high constructions kill (seriously, does PG not realize that non-atlas players have never even had access to a -12% construction skill and that no seasonal rider since Leilani has even had a construction skill?). Something like 11/18 and -15% to construction time would be something everyone would go for and it would greatly benefit new players.

Research time and Farm/mill production are not important skills that should be focused on


So what’s your argument, the mega perch problem or the dragon of second wave im not getting what you mean here


Just don’t tell them it was my idea :eyes:


It wont be hitting at tier, just from the spell set i can tell you that’s the case

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Remember the original release of it cause if you remember what happened then that’s not a good idea I’m going to prevent it from going off topic now

What original release, you’re not making any sense here

The original released Mega Perch :woman_facepalming:t2:

Ok I never intended to say it’s the stack from multiple defense stat ap/hp but the other buff like time reduction, that’s the one that i want to stack

We think… makes me very very very nervous


I was talking about who mentioned it I know Galileo was joking just if that happened defense riders could stack on it a lead to big trouble for big players again.

Okay done getting off topic now can we get back on topic pls

Sames here why I say “No way Hozay”