Souldance Wave 3 - Official Discussion Thread

Chiggity check it out - the cutest dragon in all of War Dragons has arrived: Welcome Hueso and the Draconic Chest to Souldance

How are we feeling about Hueso?
  • H(u)eso cute! (Positive)
  • Cute but meh (Neutral)
  • More like Hue-sigh. (Negative)

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Holdup, these are the worst seasonal divine runes I’ve seen in a while.
Who thought making a 5% HP glyph with some XP boost was a good idea?
Dragon spells could be decent for a lot of players but at endgame I’m not too hopeful.
The runes are the worst I’ve ever seen in a seasonal branch-all be it a smaller one.
The concept of being able to level a dragon after Verdant is a nice one. And shard won’t fill up like black pearls. Admittedly, I am very surprised this hasn’t been compared to rainbow stones yet, even when something like equestor’s branch was.
This also means if there is a great festive it can grow with players which is something end game players didn’t have the luxury of before.


Can we get a breakdown of how many fragments are needed at each evolution please


Can we have table for the rss that will be in the branch??


Can we please stop adding currency to the broken economy :pray:t2:


Okay that model is cuter and more accurate than Danav’s in game model

I don’t have a problem with more stuff so long as it doesn’t over populate the other RSS


Can you please clear something up? One part has the Summon Papa spell at 2 rage and a little below it says 1 rage per spell. Thanks!


The blog post was a typo. It is 2 rage



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Oh well at least he’s cute, get into the Spirit

Get it?

Anyways that’s why imma leave all the runes and glyphs I get onto him if I get him, I’ll unequip if I need to level a certain dragon


Cute but useless. I might get him just to look at him. I wish Summon Papa was his first spell so I could use him for purple tier bases


Dam the festive is ANOTHER earth dragon!
I was also really hoping that the festive would be an an alebrije festive dragon that could potentially change forms from normal dragon to alebrije spirit dragon and maybe gain different spells or buffs depending on what form its in.

If you don’t know alebrijes are mystical creates that guide the dead spirits on their journey and are a big part of el Dia de Muertos.


Question, is there a draconic chart for PvP events?

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I need a cute dragon, I’ll probably just get hueso for some purple dungeon runs, but I might take him for some walks (or flights?) through the park :grin:


My plan is foolishly everything and even get chests but I’ll have to determine the sequencing of the chests first by looking at what everyone is getting then see how it’s randomized by logarithm then make a prediction

Okay what do you mean when the description of summon Papa says that mage supershots immediately destroys the summon? It said it will absorb all supershots. Then why will it be immediately destroyed by a mage supershot?


I just wanna say, ima a crowd control ya with quake and while you’re shaking at the knees!!! Ima summon poppa! Here’s JOHNNY!

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Still absorbed it, kinda like a sponge and vomit. Lol :joy:


I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I must admit, it’s a pretty intriguing concept… the divine-leveling shards that is. I’m excited to get a firsthand experience with the Draconic Chests as well.

Hueso seems like a decent warrior, but I won’t say too much until I see him fly myself. The design is great as well.

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