Souldance week 11 - Breeding

Credits, News and Questions

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Verdant Mythics Slideshow

Assault is back!


What are you breeding?


2 things you need.
Mentioning the new dragons (verdant mythics)
And, asking us what we are breeding.


Team Garnath!!

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I was so looking forward to Verdant mythics.
Such a lot of players quitting this week, I wish I could donate my egg tokens to someone that’s staying.

Done rururururururururrruurururururrgrrrrrr making me do more work🤣

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Making you earn your keep, lol.
I have less eggs than I was hoping to have by now (I’m a slacker and started saving chests).

Will be happy to just get Noc this event but might use frags to get more dragons, and further in this event.

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Finishing caldur and getting some of balor
Donate me :sob::sob::sob::sob: i need egg


Ima get them all bc… gotta catch them

Be my sugar daddy, bru


Breeding Sylvix this time. I wish it was dark instead of earth though

Finishing Mordred.

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Funny thing I’m on a hunter path but with those backbreeds I can get sorcerer quicker than hunter with what I have now XD Still need Cepoth but for him I need Montague, and if I already have Montague and Roz why would I go for Sylvix? Sooo I’m actually thinking to start Lupin instead. (not finish it obviously)

Still uncertain about the next season so I’m kinda going all in without savings.

Finishing montague :facepunch: and hopefully starting a mythic verdant :sunglasses:

Breeding for me is Hedran and just squeezing in Estril. New tier and Obsidian builder eggs :star_struck:

Edit :Hmm actually going small now, only Hedran, saving tokens for big breed in discount.

Montague :heart_eyes:

So no assault this season :pensive:


Wow your back weren’t you supposed to “quit” WD like 3 months ago?

No shuffle happening. You can come back!


It’s not impossible, but not likely.
At least we got a bunch of dungeons.