Souldance week 12 - Kingdom wars

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@PoseidonPQ did you inspire on attack on titans to do this poster? Looks awesome btw

Obviously AOT;)

HuH they are giving mechanic sawyer again this is tooo weird

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It’s a glitch in the system

So someone removed something from the matrix? Everyone get out, they’re coming for us

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Is this last event of this season

2nd to last, we have Fort next week as the last fall event. Winter starts with PvP and then breeding

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The lag on conquering cities is horrible. Cities can be hit many times before they actually lose health, and often drop to zero health and stay there for a long time before actually being conquered.

Edit: Every city in a target hex has now taken enough damage to be conquered. Damage showing: One city at 0/800, one city at 240/800, all others at full health.


One hex I hit 15 minutes ago is still at full health. Yet another complete disaster of KW.

Yeah, the lag is bad. The new pop up messages are annoying too.

Lag is crazy, city at 0 take 10mn to be set as conquered and you can continue to attack it… thats also waste of resources…

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Another fine event of lag,and y’all thought they could actually redo atlas :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yes conquered cities taking 15 to show.

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Take it down start again we no it coming :woman_shrugging:t2:

And we don’t need a notification every time a dragon is assigned 9r a cites hp are reduced to zero. everytime I try to make an attack I have to see 10 message before and after. This is horrible

Seriously the popups are obnoxious. And you get them even if you’re in the armory trying to open chests or menus claiming event or seasonal prizes.
Talk about annoying

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Whaaaat? You’re not enjoying all the notifications? :joy:


I love it. Gives me a sense of pride.