Southern Cross issue

Hello, I’m not really sure if I’m putting this in the right place so please correct me if I’m not. I’ve noticed an issue with the “Southern Cross” spell, if you shoot too soon after turning a corner (short to long/ long to short island) it will destroy the towers, yet it won’t award the rage/health that is supposed to be gained. Seems as if a person is being punished for their precision and speed, compared to being rewarded for it. It’s possible to kill the towers without taking a lick of damage if timed right, but I don’t believe that means the rage/hp shouldn’t be granted per usual.

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I just made a similar thread, I’ve had this happen to me as well with nothing gained but damage done, and also had it cast and dealt no damage. Sucks when it happens since with Gargula I salivate knowing I have an island lacking a red mage and SC on tap!

:see_no_evil:sorry didn’t know one was already made, i looked and nothing showed up.

It was similar, not the same. Sorry! Didn’t mean to discourage you from making your point, I meant that just to say I am in the same boat as you, I was not condemning you for making your post. My apologies!

No worries, wasn’t discouraged as much as confused lol.

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I wonder if this is a range issue…reported for investigations (61027)


It’s not a range issue. It’s been this way since it was introduced. You have to hit it exactly in the center of the group of 5 towers to get the rage back. If you hit in the center, it works every time.

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Yep, long running issue never fixed /addressed

I was surprised to see them not know about it tbh.

I’ve hit dead center but if timing isn’t right I still don’t get the rage. It’s gotta have something to do with the timing.

Its reproducible by shooting just before your turn is completed.

This will result in dmg but no heal/rage.

If you offcenter it, i can also reproduce it.

So probably two related issues

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Glad I found this. Just got Jul this breed and was frustrated at the “buggy” nature of the spell. Devastating when it works correctly. :cloud_with_lightning:

I have the same issue occasionally with gargula. To me it’s like the drakius problem where vampire wouldn’t give health/rage sometimes, which doesn’t happen very often now I must say. But when it does, you die. Same with gargula and southern cross not working. You die.
Please fix it!

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I notice with Gargula, that when it should be “southern cross” gained by destroying a cannon, that instead what comes is “uproot”. Seems to happen on the middle Long Island, but that may just be coincidence.

Southern Cross comes from archers; Uproot comes from cannons.


Thanks forScience, I need to brush up on my Extract Essence chart :joy:

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