Southern cross not working

Anyone else having a problem with southern cross?? I thought there was a problem with equestor now I’m sure on my apophet it gained 0 health

Issues with southern cross have actually been posted about many times before, so be sure to use the search bar before posting!

Also, apophet does not have southern cross, so I’m not sure how it could be confirmed on him :thinking:


Did you make sure you were prefectly in line before casting? I’ve never used the spell myself, but I’ve read that a lot of people have issues if they cast it too early.

Your dragon needs to have finished the turn entirely before you cast, and it works best if you hit the middle tower in the group of 5 dead on.

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Yes I read those posts the island blew up just fine but no health … and it shows as southern cross the arrow with the + on my apophet unless I have wrong name?? But if the island blows up shouldn’t the health come too?sorry not apophet gargula

You’re casting the spell too soon. When you round the corner wait a quarter second then fire. The defense towers will shoot once so hopefully you survive the initial blast.


Just like other said, load the spell and wait for the animation to complete then cast

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