Southern Cross still messed up after update

I posted in a thread few days ago when spells were not working properly but I’m not sure it might have been overlooked…

I guess it’s not doing it for everyone but it 100% always does it for any dragon I use that has SC…Anyway the power of the spell and all of that seems to be just fine but it’s completely different now?
It used to have a red kind of pink-ish beam come down from the sky for every tower hit/destroyed on the island.
But now it just looks like a faster earth quake?
Sometimes one white beam will come down in the middle of the island but not always.
I’ve used 50x or more and every time it’s the same.
The colored beams are gone and it just looks different.

Just figured throw it out there so it’s known :+1:

I think it’s worse than it was. I had learned that if I waited a second after turn and made sure I had it centered on each group of 5 towers, it always worked fine with Jul. Now it sometimes goes off and the towers / farms are still standing there just mocking me.


Possible because it has been messed up somehow.

Depends on the hp of the tower too though because sometimes on more powerful towers it usually would take 2 casts to take out stronger farms…

Do you see the red/pink beams come down from the sky when you cast it?

will fly him again, can’t say I paid that much attention.

Getting cranky over repeated lost connections on flights and defense like the old days.

The animation is definitely different than I remember. It doesn’t have any light beams from the Heavens nor does it show the green “head” animation as the towers were destroyed.

My recent run through Salang didn’t glitch at least.

Yeah that’s what I’m getting and have been for the last few days.

I loved the effects from SC hopefully it wasn’t changed on purpose?
I doubt it was though because it happened right around same time other spells messed up.

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You’re definitly right i play with the southern cross of Gargula after the update i can confirm that all what you said is true the animation have changed and even the effect i used to get a spall from the towers i destroyed and now nothing.

Southern Cross has always been glitchy (since I have had Jul anyway). Sometimes it would kill all the buildings, sometimes those same buildings on the same base would not die. Also, sometimes I would get rage from killing towers with it, and sometimes no rage (again, same towers, same base). Also, pre-update there was no ‘cooldown’ or delay before being able to cast it a second time - I could cast it immediately as long as I had the rage. Now there is about a half second pause before I can cast it a second time, although the icon doesn’t have the same animation other spell icons have during their ‘cooldown’…

Same here, no beans and less healing after killing the towers.

You don’t get healing from SC it destroys buildings and generates rage.

And the rage isn’t a specific amount it goes off of how many buildings are destroyed so it can change.

You do get rage or healing with AA. And yes, the spell is broken. It doesn’t have the same visual effect, it seems to have a lag between time cast and time you can use it again. Almost like a cool down. Which is no good on a long island.

That’s probably because the Mythic?

Idk but some who have SC only get rage back off SC but yeah AA is different! Probably added because the Mythic status? :man_shrugging:
I’m not sure why the same spell is different for different dragons! Doesn’t really make sense

Yeah it previously had no cool down! If it did have a cool down it had to have been a very fast one where it just wasn’t noticed because you could cast it then immediately again like you were saying on long islands.

You do get healing with Gargula’s SC, but not anymore

Each dragon has only one version of the spell. Either light (health) or dark (rage). AA has the ability to switch between the two by using its Celestial Dance spell. There’s actually little + and dragon marks in the spell icons to indicate which version it is. + for health and dragon for rage


Oh I knew the light and dark for northern lights and others but wasn’t aware southern cross had a light & dark version.

After the update, there is a delay if you would want to cast another Southern Cross spell.

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