Special events?

Will dragon armour be revived?
Will we have any special events this year?

Let’s pray that dragon armor never comes back.

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The cosmetic element was good but it was pretty useless.
Anyways on topic, will special events be back like woman’s day and red heroes?

Hey all! I’m actually not sure on this one. I’m sure special events are cooking for you all right now for later in the year!

Are there certain special events you’d like to see? Let us know!

@PGCrisis Assault, whether as it was before or below. PGEcho has previously noted that it was a poorly received event before, but a number of us loved it. I had looked forward to flying new dragons vs the higher level bases.

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Unique avatars would be nice. I don’t mind if they are optional but some avatars which are not as common as the season ones. Like Rose Thorn and the red heroes. They were cool and unique.

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