Special pack not to everyone?


I find it kinda unfair that not everyone has those offers. It’s way cheaper…

Why does everyone get offered different packs to buy?
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Special Offer Package!?

I saw something almost identical to that for 100 bucks. That right there is a hell of a deal. Now I want to see what’s in my store :eyes:
Edit: Absolutely nothing in my store like that. Just the basic shitty packs. K. :neutral_face:
Edit 2: Give me your egg tokens. :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


That’s value right there ! :drooling_face:


And non on mine too :disappointed:


Probably yet another test :see_no_evil:

Wonder if it had anything to do with people who were tricked by the Halloween packs :stuck_out_tongue:


Somehow I don’t think you need that pack. They’re targetting is off… :joy:


Why do they do this? Only offer packs to some? This is the 2nd time I see someone else with a pack I would actually buy, but it’s not offered to me.

Your loss PG


Different packs, exchange at the forge (discontinued), bounty harbor dailies/daily calendar, etc.


@PGCrisis @pgEcho

I’m sorry, but this really pisses me off… all these random testing of products crap and not once have I been “selected”. Kindly explain why that is… is it because I’m a spender? Should I stop spending so I can be a part of this lucky group that gets better value for their money?

This comes across as discrimination plain and simple. Unless it’s a completely random selection from the entire pool of players (which everyone knows it isn’t) then what you’re doing is complete and utter BS.

Want to test out how certain packs would take? Easy, give EVERYONE the opportunity to buy them (even in limited quantities like 5 per person) and then you will truly know how these packs actually are valued, bought, perceived, affect your all mighty revenue.

But alienating and pissing off your clients over and over again is not a recipe for success.

Now I’m sure you’ll ignore my post yet again. It amazes me how you answer some posts simply to show your face, but continuously manage to avoid addressing the real issues.


Never saw one of these packs , maybe it’s because i spend :thinking: maybe they are trying to push f2p or e2p to spend money, still it’s not fair


I’m E2P and I’ve never gotten to see any of these kinds of packs. :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


Then I have no clue who they are targeting


It was a mess in this thread too:

could be that they’re trying to extrapolate from a sample size :unamused:


I’d like to think I’m fairly forgiving, but this trend of valuable offers being dispersed to select individuals in what appears to be a random manner is beginning to frustrate me… a lot.


I agree.
I would not spend on any of these packs because 1. I’m broke as heck and 2. they’re honestly probably still not worth my money in comparison to other things I could buy. But the randomness of these offers and the silence from PG about it sucks. :t_rex:


Hey PG. I will not spend money on your regular packs, because they’re super expensive. But these? Yikes, I could eat three of them for breakfast.

Why can’t the developers see that lowering prices of packs would result in people buying more packs?


Do you mean prices? :t_rex:


I don’t know what you’re talking about:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


The worst thing about this for me is that they ought to know that word will get out about the packs so offering it to only a portion of players will just aggravate players. The pack screenshot here is clearly way better value than the standard ones offered so who wouldn’t be pissed off that they don’t get offered it? :roll_eyes:


My alt got these…