Special pack not to everyone?


Seems like the support response is more direct and sure of the situation than you which seems like a gross oversight in team communication. Why would you not have an email or something that says, “Hey starting today we’re testing new packs, so if people on the forum getting pissed because others are getting more than double to rewards for their money just let them know this”.


Dont forget we’ve seen 3 different answers from support just in the lat 2 days… I just hate inconsistency. Tell us its not for everyone.

However we have seen form support:

  1. From @Warlord It’s completely random
  2. From @ModMat saying that they are introducing these to all players and we can expect it soon.
  3. From Myself and 2 of my clan mates that its an A/B test for people who meet a certain criteria (criteria would not be divulged and ticket closed)

I don’t believe they are given canned answers… I think they just make it up as they go… and who cares if they lie to us.


If PG was a state it would be Rhode Island.


Why RI?
Seems like it would be a state with a heavier approach to government.




Nah, they’d be Atlantis, sinking themselves to the bottom of the ocean


Let’s stay on topic please… it’s an important one… don’t want PG closing it because people get side tracked …

Now can we please get some sort of official explanation that makes sense ???


Do you actually expect a response? And for it to make sense? Good luck…


^ see above. This is the only answer we will get.


That’s fine if it’s the only answer we get guess I’ll just stop any spending on the game at all. My elite runs out soonish so after that I’ll probably just quit all together since they think this is “fair” and a good way to test things. Probably send in for refunds as well since other people are getting more for the same amount of money.


Interesting article about grocery stores…

“Using a mathematical model with assumptions about how much income affects shoppers’ tolerance for higher prices, they found that if the retailers charged prices based on their customers’ ability to pay, they could raise prices in high-income neighborhoods by about 9% and lower prices in poor neighborhoods by about 0.7% without losing demand”

So PG is doing the same thing, they charge people who “can afford to spend” more for less virtual products, whereas giving someone who “can’t” spend as much, half price packs for even MORE virtual goods than the $100 pack for the “spenders”. Hoping that we wont notice.

Note: I use can/can’t meaning someone who has purchased in the past, vs. someone who hasn’t. I am in no way saying people who spend have more money than those who don’t, just using general terms for the business approach of PG.

Even though as we can tell by the feedback on this forum post that PG… you dun’ goofed. Many people here stated that they would of bought these “better” packs if you would have offered to everyone and shot yourself in the foot making lots of us F2P here on out since our money isn’t good enough to offer a special deal to.


I’m not sure why they want to measure whether the community would like them or not. I can tell you the answer…YES. If these were offered to all you would make tons of money coming in because of the great deal that they are. I would be buying both personally.


I agree! Everyone I know who has been offered this deal, has taken advantage of it. It is absolutely ridiculous to call this a test. Hopefully you get the results today from this “test” and roll out the packs to everyone because, you know…ethics. :expressionless:


Well… according to them, too much free stuff will get the player to quit.
So maybe they think “ an awesome value pack will make the players angry or leaving “ :joy:


Only positive thing about this is I just bought a new phone,a couple of wireless chargers a new case and several other things that I wanted but didn’t really need since pg is saving me 300 a month now feels nice so thanks pg :slight_smile:


I don’t have much to add. Everything has already been said here. I just wanted to add to the general feel for Crisis to pass along… I am PISSED. I will not be spending a single dime on this game while some people get almost twice the value for the same amount of money I spend. There is absolutely zero acceptable explanation or response from PG that will make this okay for me. That’s my feedback, as someone that’s spent significant money on enjoying playing this game. Please take that back to your team.


Don’t give us some bs excuse about wanting to test it out, promotions like this should be tested across the whole player base to keep things fair. But it’s fine, just keep giving us more reasons to stop spending.


I’ve got Pathox complete, looks like I will get Lorenzo done. I will have my 240.6K egg tokens for next breeding. No way I’m spending real dollars on this game when some folks get 50K of rubies and my money buys me half. Nope!!! PG wants more cash, give me that great offer. It is that simple. My spending days are behind me.


Depending on the results of the test things will be rolled out to all players as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the word at the beginning of the quote, “DEPENDING”. If the results of the “test” isn’t favorable i doubt if “…things will be rolled out to all players as soon as possible.”

These people are very talented, they could be Lawyers or Politicians with the way they word their responses.


You know if everybody stops spending, they would be a lot more receptive to changing things or actually being transparent. Or even giving real answers to questions asked.