Special pack not to everyone?


That’s always suggested but never works cause it’s not a thing people will do. Voice your opinion and say your peace but don’t think that bit will ever happen.


I dont know but I got turned into a ftp person pretty quick after this. This is the second time I’ve seen them do this with packs and both times they received the same backlash for it. Let’s not even get started on the level up rewards that were being tested with a select group but taken away because if you give players to many things for free they lose interest and stop playing. Oh what ever happened to the daily check in bonuses people were supposed to start getting multiple updates ago? Maybe that was considered too much free stuff too. :man_shrugging:


Some accounts are already getting the daily check-in bonuses from bounty harbor… so :see_no_evil: and before that, there was other bounty harbor A/B testing.


This whole game is an A/B test :eyes:


It’s Inception, don’t even know what’s real anymore.


I also enjoy the daily log in rewards I am not getting apparently to go with the value added packs they won’t sell me and the lvl increase rewards I don’t get. When you fix those things can I please get something for my grumble eggs and siege boosts I still have.


David had the same experience going to the dentist :rofl:


$5 pack :man_shrugging:


huh you can spend 50 US dollars for 35k rubies and most of the people are being charged 100 US dollars for 35k… doesn’t smell fishy at all. Love fairness


I have only spent on RED event so maybe this is how it rated the packs? If you’re a typical spender they gave the higher special packs while mild spenders got less ones?


No no, most people here who are typical spenders don’t have any offers. At least that’s the consensus on this post. :man_shrugging:


That is perfect. I will become a non spender! Eventually I will get an A pack offer! Huzzah.


Yep, that’s what many of the spenders I know are moving towards now.


I mean I can’t blame them. I’m also going from maybe 500 ish every 2 seasons (more if I wanted the mythic) to F2P. I’ve been on the shafted end of every A/B test in the entire game. On top of that we cant even get answers for most of the tests out there…

For Example:

Level up Rewards:
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Hmm would players be happy receiving A LITTLE SOMETHING to help them with the giant sapphire wall (slightly better now, but this was 7 months ago) and also help with the 300 wall? Nope… lets just say we’re possibly going to roll this out in a couple weeks but then never reply to the community until we close the thread because people are spamming and angry we didn’t get any Answers.

Bounty harbor tests now, daily login tests, cheaper value packs (literally the same thing for half the price), salvage shop, etc. Just so many “tests” the majority of them the player base said they would love and support and we get nothing. You’d think of just the known tests that if they were truly random every player would have been involved in at least 1 of them… so when you’re continually picked last why even bother playing anymore? Clearly you aren’t wanted…


I’ve been shafted on ever A/B test as well. Hence why I’m done spending on this game. This was the last little push I needed.


It’s incredibly unfair that some people were offered packs of great value, and the rest of us have only the usual offers available. It provides an unfair advantage to certain players. For what purpose? Incentivizing spending? Wouldn’t it do that for all of us? I’d have happily spent money this event if I had those offers. It’s imaginary stuff we are buying, and PG acts like they are selling the souls of their firstborn or something.

If PG cared about fairness, they would compensate those who spent this week but were deprived of the value pick others were offered.


I’d like to know whatever happened with that “data” collected from when specific people were getting rewards each time they leveled. Didnt support say that was supposed to work its way into the game for everyone at some point?


Not a lot I’d guess considering they didn’t tell people they had the perk so most probably weren’t aware. I only found out through the forums about it and then checked, they took it away by fort so I would never have known if not for that thread as I don’t level outside of fort. The data they did have would have been corrupted by people taking advantage of it in fear of it being taken away…which it was lol


Unfortunately their methods of data collection are so inaccurate that any “data” they do collect would basically be worthless and tell them nothing. It’s like someone trying to be a doctor after watching one episode of a medical drama and thinking they know how it works.


During a fort or a breed is not the time to test these packs. It comes across as biased and unfair. I would absolutely spend and move up even more this event if I got some of those packs instead of the same old crappy packs we have been getting. To make matters worse I am already at 1.5 mil medals and have gotten a fraction of the chest drops I used to get. Seems the good packs are going to the accounts that don’t spend and the chests are going to players who are casual players. Not gonna spend this fort if I don’t get some of those better packs. I will just stop where I run out of timers.