Special pack not to everyone?


PG in a meeting…

“how do we get people to stop complaining about what they get in a pack?”

Suggestion: “Let’s make non spenders get more in a pack, then show that even if we increase whats in a pack spending is still not increasing even if we double whats inside, so then we can say the data shows free stuff still doesn’t make them spend!”

Brilliant Promote him/her!

meeting adjured

Also… side point I am still really salty PG that you think that someone who doesn’t spend should get twice as much in a pack rather than solid customers who have supported you and spent in the past. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST OFFER THIS TO EVERYONE! you can literally truncate who spends in the past and who hasn’t vs who spent off the new packs. these A/B tests to me are illogical.


I think they’re afraid that if they give spenders better value in packs and then decide the pack is “too good” so they take it away again, the spenders will stop buying the rubbish packs and cause a ruckus…


I‘ve finished Pathox and will reach 387 at the end of the event. I won‘t spend a single € at least till the end of the season until we all can buy the same value with our money! „Normal“ companies would treat their long time, loyal, spending customers way better than the ones who spend some money once in a while or not at all. Congrats on screwing it up again, PG.


^ this 100%. I also already have pathox and will be able to finish what I need with the rubies I have saved so I’m also not spending a dime until everyone has the same packs for their money!


This one showed up for me today. It’s not the one I want, PG. :rage:


I agree with this… I havnt seen a spender talking about getting the packs yet… soooo… doesn’t seem that random…

Guess it’s time to become a non spender to get my cheap discount pack. :joy:


I’m a non spender, and I don’t have such packs…


Right orca. But all the replies I’m seeing of people that did get them were non spenders right??
I don’t see any coming from big spenders. . That’s a big coincidence to just be… random… :thinking:


They randomly chose from the non-spenders :joy:


Lmao… right… that’s why I’m becoming one… until I see at least 1 “nice big ass thank you for spending and being a loyal customer pack”… I’m done…
You know a lot of businesses do this…
They need to be like wal mart and have a price match!

Customer 1: Oh this pg’s pack is $ 5.00 for 20k rubies…

Customer 2: Well my pg pack is 50.00$ for 10k rubies…

Pg consultant: the answer to this problem is simple… we charge u both 99.99 for 1k rubies. Problem solved… and remember it’s your internet connection… not our game. Ty dragon lord! :joy:


Still no special pack showed up in my account :roll_eyes:


So when should the rest of us get to see this pack? This stuff is getting ridiculous. I’ve seen people that are part of every a/b test yet me my wife and I have never been a part of any same for everyone on my team that I’ve talked to. How are people selected for it and why cant you tests everything for a week or 2 on everyone then get a consensus of what works and what does from a bigger test pool. Taking samplings from a small group cant give that much information.


:popcorn: :eyes:

So how long do these special people get special packs? And when can we expect the results? @PGCrisis


And which special packs will be out for the breeding event?


Since my special pack during last breed was a lumber pack… probably lumber again :expressionless:


I keep checking every day to see if today’s the day I go back to spending again and every day my wallet is happy atleast.


This is the first time since I started playing the game that I did not renew my elite for my alt. And when my elite expires it will be the end for me too. I understand A/B tests for salvage shops and things that won’t give any unfair advantage, but saying their money [anyone with a special pack] should get 200% more than what I get for the same money is just wrong.

More and more people are refusing to spend or renew elites and it seems it falls on deaf ears.


My annual elite expired a month or 2 ago now and I’ve only bought the odd week here or there since then because my activity dropped so low that it wasn’t warranted much lol


i wont pay for packs but if I saw those 95% discount ones I would land up getting a few.


IMHO, those randomly spreaded packs will replace currently available regular ones. There are big reasons for that - new dragon tier is comming out very soon (EOY 2018-very BOY 2019) and lvl cap will be raised to 85 during the period of 4-5 months from here.
If they dont upgrade the packs ppl will churn heavily. OLOT of ppl will be discouraged totally and stop spending at all except for elite accounts.
So keep it in mind and dont spend heavilty in the nearest 2 months. Otherwise you will regred it heavily, be sure.

There may be another option for the packs changes: they will just introduce upgraded packs with limited availability (1 time per month for 100$, 5 - for 50$ etc). If so, the most of moderate spenders should hold spending before the new pack rollout. Heavy spenders wont benefit alot from such upgrade, btw. But moderate spenders will still be falling back more an more with each new tier and lvl cap.

Anyway, PG is still agressive in their top customer base milking strategy. Actually, we still dont see any serious/effective activity targeted on low lvl player base catch up or overall player base expantion/retention. Even milking hardly, they will keep WD quite alive for the next 2-3 years which is very good for 3 years old mobile mmo project. But the cost of an account end game state will be rising. Currently, its somewhere around 100K bucks. A year ago it was somewhere around 70k bucks.