Special pack not to everyone?


@PGCrisis - You just closed a thread so I know you’re lurking. I asked a legitimate question and would like a real answer please. How long will these “special” packs be available and when can we expect to see the results?


I don’t know, I don’t run the packs from the developer side of things. If we have more information, we’ll be sure to share it.


While we wait for more information there are lots not spending due to the extreme lopsidedness of these packs. Its complete and utter crap that some people are getting almost twice as much for the same amount of money.


In the meantime many spenders such as myself have stopped spending, or are quitting the game entirely. I just find it sad that PG has absolutely nothing to offer big spenders who have been lining PG’s pockets for years.


Legitimate question again… How can the community ever find out answers to questions like these? I don’t see a person to contact about something like this via PMs or forums and the community doesn’t get answers. Is that just how it’s supposed to be?

The feedback on this post or “test” has been atrociously negative and we can’t get any answers, how would you feel as a player who is supposed to be respected. You state in your value statement: "Doing the right thing means acting ethically and honestly in ALL situations because we are building for the long-term and our integrity matters."

how is charging me twice as much as someone else in the community fair and ethical? Edited to add im not talking about currency conversion. I’m talking about offering “special packs” to special people in the community and charging me twice as much for LESS.


It shouldn’t be assumed that all players will know the intimate details of value pack testing often. Testing happens internally and conclusions about those tests are drawn internally, as well. If we have information that is able to be shared with players on the Forums, I’m happy to pass the message along.


You forgot something… Value number 5:


Care for our players

In order to succeed, we must care for our players. We want to create amazing experiences and gameplay and we aspire to support them through excellent player support, thoughtful game design and player-first mentality.

I feel very valued when i have been an elite member for 3 years (which ran out for the first time in my war dragons career and I refuse to renew), spent in numerous different seasons and never once be on the good side of an A/B test, especially with these packs. Never once was I offered a “value pack” because I have spent in the past… just those who never spend. Yup I feel super valuable today.


Yep I’m done spending until I start getting packs like these and if my elite runs out before then might just pack my bags and leave like others I know are planning to do. The unfairness of this all sucks. Guess pg really doesnt care anymore about keeping players around. :man_shrugging: guess I’ll go spend more money on the wife and kids.


Please pass this message along: There is no way in hell that I will pay $99 for 35k rubies anymore, after seeing 50k available for $99.

Instead, I got the $99 Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2. Much better value.


Was thinking of the special forza horizon 3 deal myself.


Watch out for your hat, that thing likes to run off…


I gave up on it. I lost it in a fight on top of a train, couldn’t find it, so I decided to just get a nice hair cut. :stuck_out_tongue:


It shouldn’t be assumed that people receiving these “special deals” on packs will not screenshot the deal and incite this sort of response from the player-base.

I agree with the other posters here. I will not be spending $99 for 35k rubies anymore, after seeing 50k available for $99. Who would?




Still none of these special packs in my store. :neutral_face: :t_rex:


I want the 50k rubies pack!


I got it :heart_eyes:

Edit, not the 50k rubies… the much needed tokens


I have both of those 2 now as well, looks like they pushed them out wider


There were. Multiple good deal packs. Iirc, the $50 was actually the best deal, but it had limited on it the $20.one was almost as good of a deal. They worked out to about double for the same amount of money.

So, don’t settle on 50k. The best deals were better.


So regarding the limited time $99 egg token pack:

This is a breakdown from someone who got the 125% egg token bonus (effectively 250% due to the reimbursement) and has a garnet balloon:

  • For 172 rubies (first + second mission) I get 588 tokens.
    => Therefore the 43500 tokens are worth 12725 rubies for me. (43500/588*172)

  • Average time required for one mission set (1st+2nd mission): 3 minutes
    => Therefore grinding 43500 tokens takes me 3.7h. (43500/588*3/60)

Total personal ruby value excluding food pack and time spent: 25225. (12725+12500)

Based on the value of the special $5 pack (3500 rubies if I remember correctly), my personal value of the $100 Egg token pack is $36. (25225/3500*5)

Grabbed my wallet, did the math, put the wallet down again. I don’t really need the tokens instantly. Those food packs don’t really make up for the lack of value. A shame…

35000 rubies plus some odd chests/speed ups on top of the 43500 tokens would have convinced me. Right now even the standard $99 pack has more value if you’re willing to grind the eggs.

P.S. Make use of that 200%/250% egg token boost. Best value of the entire season. Intentionally or not, lol.
Edit: Corrected the amount of time needed to farm 43500 tokens.