Special pack not to everyone?


I have this one in my shop


The problem I have regarding communication in this situation is that when I contacted support with a snapshot of one of these value packs another player had been offered they replied that the same packs would soon be available to all players and to wait patiently. Are support members PG employees, and therefore representatives of PG, or outsourced help and they can get away with potentially false responses without it having to represent PG?


I got both of them too and planned to get them , even got the money on my iTunes already…but after all this fiasco I decided not to get them.
I’m not sure in the future of this game and if it’s worth it to invest more of my money into it?


But to people who don’t have the time to farm, the 43k token pack is pretty decent right?
Tho personally given all that’s going on lately I’m wondering if I should support PG or let em entice me with a truly amazing deal… although they did do drags right this season.


That depends on the value you place on $100.

That 43k tokens is less than half of the breed for gold legendaries, but it will cover the full breeding cost for a platinum legendary. It’s about half of a sapphire legendary, and 2/5 of a sapphire mythic or garnet legendary. It’s 1/4 of a garnet mythic.

So if you think a dragon is worth $100 (plat) or $200 (gold, sapphire) or $250 (garnet), then yeah, sure. It’s worth it.

IMOHO - Hell no.


But also money = time. So not only if the dragon itself is worth it, but the amount of progress you get to make. If I’m that 1/4 short of a garnet mythic, that’s the difference between getting it now or in three weeks (after yet another fort has passed and I’ve continued to overlevel)

…hypothetically of course.

Just to me fort seems so easy and the timers overfloweth with minimal effort (thanks to Atlas) … I can level my base np with NO spending rubies. Getting eggs however truly cost both rubies and substantially more time. Thus making them worth more money. Imo.


Words are cheap. PG knows this.


The value of the egg token pack depends on the personal situation.

In my case, I can grind 43500 tokens in about 4h.
Compared to the $99 kingdom pack (let’s not even talk about the aforementioned special packs), I’m missing out on 10k rubies,15 gold chests, 32 12h speed ups etc.
I think grinding 4 hours is pretty much worth it if I get a better deal on the long run. Buying through the game without grinding while still wanting the same result is gonna cost big time.

Obviously, not everyone wants to spend the time grinding. Sooo, decent deal if:

  • You don’t have the egg token bonus.
  • You don’t have time to grind tokens.
  • You need the tokens right now.


I would have bought it if not for the current fiasco. I didnt have the egg token boost so it’s been slow going for me this season. The pack would have let me finish my current breed and start on my next so I would say it would have been worth it.

However, I’m very stubborn about my morales :joy:


Let’s all not forget about this :slight_smile:


Oh I wont forget. I keep coming back here to remind myself why I shouldn’t spend money on this game until I get the better value pack like some “special” people are.


Yeah, it seems like PG isn’t interested in our money since they have nothing to offer us. Hopefully this backfires on them. Hopefully the nonspenders that are getting these offers remain nonspenders, and I know they’ve turned a lot of spenders into nonspenders since not spending and quitting the game is apparently the only way to get PG to value us I guess :joy:


At first I was angry that I didn’t have those packs…

I wanted to SPEND AGAIN!

Then PG does something absolutely ridiculous (as always) and brings me back to reality to where I see I’d be a fool to spend another penny.

So thanks to PG I’ve actually SAVED a boatload of money. Thanks PG. :+1:

At this point they could offer 100k rubies in the packs and I’d probably continue to pass. I’ve just been used and abused too damn long. If I wasn’t on a great team with great people, I’d have quit long ago. I’m willing to bet a lot of players feel this way.

Anyways, it’s time for me to check the latest thread of discontent for a non existent response from ANYBODY at PG…the same way they responded to this one.


I just got the offer of the special packs the timers one and the breeding tokens one and honestly I’m pretty pissed. Since this new candance they know it is a huge burden on their player especially the timers and they answer it with the packs. Same thing for gold in atlas. Lately the response and the way they are fixing their mistakes/shortcomings with packs. This is not a good thing for everyone else. if they want the game to pay to play then say it. At this point actions are speaking louder than words.


PG would like you to give them all your money.

In exchange, you may or may not have access to the services which they may or may not provide.

Your cooperation is appreciated… Prepare to be assimilated.


:thinking: no “official answer”

Because, they have none and don’t feel like they owe the peasants/junkies an explanation.

These actions against customers are how class action lawsuits get started against “businesses”


Let’s not forget about this issue too


New players get extra bounty harbor stuff.
Some players get double the rubies for their money.
Peeps who quit but come back get an entire free dragon tier.
They have nerfed Atlas Elite benefits twice now.
Anyone with a storm tower has to replace them with Earth Flak using the most rare resource in the game.
10 New tower levels added.

Anyone see a pattern here?


If you need help when talking to Apple about this. https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/competition-guidance/guide-antitrust-laws/price-discrimination-robinson-patman


It is a free to play game as long as you have infinite patience and zero hope of actually getting anywhere. If you want to be competitive then it’s a pay to play game.

Either stump up the greenbacks or languish