Special pack not to everyone?


If you need help when talking to Apple about this. https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/competition-guidance/guide-antitrust-laws/price-discrimination-robinson-patman


It is a free to play game as long as you have infinite patience and zero hope of actually getting anywhere. If you want to be competitive then it’s a pay to play game.

Either stump up the greenbacks or languish


Considering I recently spent about a $1000 to get Pathox recently, I will stop spending till I start getting these special offers :wink: Hint PG: You want my money, give me a deal :slight_smile:


Still waiting on another response from pg on this thread. Though about buying packs but decided nah not while some people get more than me when they pay the same amount as me.


Have noticed this for a few weeks.

Good luck to everyone who is hoping a cessation of their spending will help them be selected to receive special offers. From what I have noticed the best packs have been offered to those who have never spent EVER, not even elite. From the information I am aware of first hand only accounts that already have ceased spending a long time ago have still not been offered comparable packs. I hope this small sampling is not the case across the board. Seems a bit limited to me. Asking PG to permit purchasing an item that is listed in store to another player goes no where as we are limited to the packs that are offered to us and better deals are exclusive to specific players only.

Oh PG could you consider putting the VALUE back into Value Packs? If you would like to see expenditure improve at least make it tempting. If you made the contents more tempting and better for value I’m sure you would see more purchases. Who is going to pay the lesser amounts for small packs when they include the number of items they are already achieving that week (or even less)? I understand maybe some are enjoying spending $100s weekly on larger packs so they feel like they are getting something for their money but in comparison some of us still rather go out.


Well I have cut my spending way back and haven’t purchased anything other than elite for the past few weeks. Today I got this offer

PG should really be offering these packs to everyone


Nothing like 75k rubies for $100.


Yet another offer that I haven’t gotten…@pgcrisis what’s going on with this? Any more information on why some people are getting amazing offers while others are getting crap?


We all know why. They’re getting these offers because either they’ve never spent and PG wants to get them through the initial purchase in the hope’s they start or they used to spend and PG wants to suck them back in. Let’s not be blind here. With this move, combined with the gigantic “come back and spend” offers from the other thread, PG is clearly showing that if you do currently spend on this game they feel you are the lowest of the low priority player. If we already spend on packs that are half the value or less then we’re addicted enough that they don’t have to worry about losing us.
The fact that these packs , or even better ones, aren’t available to the players that still regularly spend money on this game is beyond ridiculous and incredibly insulting.
I wonder how they don’t realise that this incentivised players to stop spending entirely so that these packs will show for them…


Some folks might wake up and smell what isn’t coffee anymore and switch to not spending.


Judging by all the posts on this thread fr I’ll m people calling shenanigans and saying they wont spend anymore pg is dead wrong on that. If you look at the post 2 up they said they cut spending in the last couple weeks and got a hella good pack.


Yep. I’ve quit spending as well. At some point maybe they’ll realise they’re sinking their own ship.


Is all we will ever get. Even though PGJared calls us the “heart” of this game… we can’t all get fair packs. Then when we question it, we’re told not to worry about these things it’s their internal “testing”. Yup I feel like a valuable, appreciated, cared about player in this game. I still have 35k rubies for 100 dollars and this guy gets 75k for 100 dollars… that’s totally fair and ethical game play.


Sweet man! So if you spend $200 US you get 150k rubies (plus everything else included) and everyone without this offer would spend $200 US for 70k rubies…literally less than half :thinking: sounds fair to me :rofl:


Dunno what google/apple refund center will do, but im sure shitload refunds gonna happen…


Good for you ! Enjoy it while pg spit on our faces.


Im pretty sure this is going against laws in some countrys, cant sell something, lets say an tv to player 1 for 1000, while player 2 has to pay 2000🙄


Not spending at all until I get a way better offer than to buy 35 K rubies for 110 € :woman_shrugging:


I have been an advocate of everyone receiving these special packs. Makes me wonder if I got this offer for being so verbose in this forum and they thought I might go away​:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:. I agree it is very unfair that not everyone is getting them.



How is charging me $200 US for 70k rubies and charging this person $200 US for 150k rubies live it your “values”?

You state in your value statement: "Doing the right thing means acting ethically and honestly in ALL situations because we are building for the long-term and our integrity matters."

charging me twice as much for LESS RUBIES, LESS TIMERS, AND LESS CHESTS. Seems freaking ethical and honest to me…