Special pack not to everyone?


Another alt that I just logged into to see if there were any special offers and was inactive. Wish I had these when I was spending. I’ve stopped spending and I’m quitting the game.


At this rate when no one from pg can even respond to a thread in multiple days and their lack of care for fixing issues and player retention I’ll probably be quitting as well. I love my team but I’m tired of the lack of compassion from pg and constantly screwing someone over. Theres always line to keep in touch as well. Who knows maybe I’ll get one of the come back bribes and I’ll try again and see if its changed down the road. I’m not hopefully since that thread is being ignored as well.


Got this for my alt :expressionless:


You pay in Eastern Europe with USD? :flushed:


YEP,we don’t have euro here


Hryvnia is totally fictional currency, much like leprechauns it simply doesn’t exist.


It doesn’t exist in my wallet,since i started playing WD :joy_cat:


I want also US packs :pensive:

But I’m happy for you :hugs:


I’m total noob in IPhones,but I think you can set it in settings somehow
Our mate from Russia been using AppStore,tied to different country,because for Russia it was too expensive
I’m not quite sure how to do it,since we lost contact when she quit
I’m sure someone more clever with tech things can help with it :grimacing:


This is what I have on my main. Never spent except for elite, stopped in august and had a little break between june and july.

Me too :see_no_evil:


Lol they really want you back at spending :joy:


Unfortunately I can’t afford it. Or luckily… :woman_shrugging:


I can tell they want me to save my $ thanks pg :slight_smile:


I see another day went by being ignored go figure.


me too!! I checked all 3 of my accounts (84, 225, 250) and none of them have ever had even one of these “special packs” :thinking: maybe I’m being targeted against it because I’m negative in the forums :rofl:



I have a special one: the “Sober promotion”
Only two packs


:scream::scream::scream::scream: $314.99 That is crazy!!! I would never… I could never!!


it is other currency


OMG I was freaking out. Does anyone know what this amounts to if it was exchanged for US dollars? is it $99.99?


yes it is