Special pack not to everyone?


Reais, it’s about USD 100 (pack cost is stable regardless of spikes and lows in exchange rates, which is good because changes a lot. At this moment in reality USD100 are Reais 374, not 314)
I guess is Android Play Store and not WD who controls that


I was just looking into it. Wow that is crazy! So you guys can get pretty good discounts or pay a shit ton more than us in the US.


Actually is a better deal for many years now. 3,14 reais per dollar doesn’t exist for years :slight_smile:
But that compensates the fact that a simple pack like the one offered with 35k rubies costs 1/3rd of the minimum wage (most people earn more than the minimum wave, but still… too expensive for us).


Yep, for some reason I have never been involved in these RANDOM test groups. You’d think after years it would have RANDOMLY happened. I’m starting to think maybe it’s not RANDOM at all and PG really is offering these packs to players that have never supported this game or PG financialy. Makes me question there integrity and values. Good luck getting any more money from me. I will no longer financially support your company


I have been checking the store to see if any of these special packs ever showed up. Suffice it to say, I have supported many a hardworking whatever it says on the loading screen, although compared to this time last year not so much. So I assumed that I would never see one. But…

Randomly chosen? Or analytics used to identify an account to send a pack for which the player might be enticed to spend again?


I got the pack :sob: but I’m poor right now, holiday season and all


Right?! Where was this pack in July? Or pretty much any time all the time? Why is this not just a regular pack in the store?!


I got these offers on my main.Shocked I keep getting them as I’m F2P.


Or how about run these tests that never actually seem to ever be released to everyone, on everyone? :man_shrugging:

I’ve never been picked for any of the stuff!
And none of this shit ever makes it out of testing so why not test on everyone so atleast everyone can get these kinds of benefits for awhile?


probably also testing smaller transactions to entice F2P/E2P, but they do a poor job of promoting special offers, which screws with the test… :woman_facepalming:

People who are F2P/E2P probably aren’t checking the store that often, if at all. Even spenders would probably only check it when they actually need something, as PG doesn’t often do promotions.


True,I never really paid attention to it until this thread came along


Some of the promotions have a banner on the shop store, so it’s kinda hard to miss. Doesn’t always work though, plus with the bad publicity it’s received, results are going to be skewed as you mentioned.

Woulda thought they would have learned that it doesn’t go over well with the last time they tried this? And that just introducing it to everyone nets a much higher yield than this backlash :man_shrugging:t3:


Pg famous words we can’t do that because it’s unfair of vantage over other players clearly that’s a bunch of BS because those packs are clearly advantage but no surprise since lately they seem to say fuck all the $ players Perhaps it’s time to Bring back the boycott treaty


People have to go into the store to begin with, though :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep checking just to see (on my alt too) but nooooope not getting em, tho at this point I wouldn’t buy em anyway


That’s a nice pack :+1:


Never forget…


I think that everyone who feels ripped off by this should send in a ticket. I don’t have faith that the PG employees here actually made sure we were heard. If they get backed up by hundreds of tickets from customers asking why they are being ripped off, maybe they’ll listen. If you do that make sure to state your intent, whether it’s to stop spending or to quit the game, if they don’t remedy this. Maybe even ask them to escalate your ticket.

Usually I wouldn’t want to back up the tickets even more, but zendesk is completely incompetent and not able to help anyone with anything anyway.


Definitely not random. I wrote to support complaining and it got escalated quickly (never even got a shitty canned response). They mentioned “other factors” (their words, not mine). So the claim that’s it’s “random” is probably a deception. Debatably a lie although they probably choose a segment of players, for example currently F2P who use to P2P, and randomize within that group…so there is some randomization.


Ticket already sent great minds think alike.