Special pack not to everyone?


Good luck! Don’t hold your breath.

It will be common marketing practice to offer the best deals to new customers or those who are yet to spend to try and entice them into doing so. You people who spend anyway will continue to spend (or that’s the theory) so offering you discount will effectively lose PG money.

I’m sure they know exactly what they’re doing.


I’m not sure why I keep get offering the packs. I’ve spent a decent amount (got Pathox week 2) and am level 400. Yet I was offered the $50 pack last event and the $100 one this event.


This is fine, everyone does it. What’s not fine is not giving the same offer to EVERYONE in the segment. I don’t buy that everyone in the game should get exactly the same offer…but if your segment is “people who don’t spend enough” that’s just wrong. Every other game I’ve ever played either offer the same packs to everyone OR offers them by progression segment.


Or how about offering the discounted packs to players that have supported you financially for years instead of chasing players you have already angered so bad with your game and buisness model they quit playing?


I just don’t think they care lol. I still haven’t had one “special offer” since this thread started on either of my accounts. It’s really a joke. At least we know where we stand.


I haven’t even looked. Maybe I’ve had these packs for days now? Oh well…


I will only say this… I stopped spending for 2 weeks… and I do spend a moderate amount of money on this game…

I’ve got new packs and the survey… just saying :smiley:

Which I still refuse to buy until they are much better…


At this point they could offer me 500k rubies for $50 and I wouldn’t bite. They’ve waited too long, and at this point there’s no fixing the balancing issues in this game. Their new game came out and all efforts will be focused towards that as War Dragons is eventually left in the dust. No sense in sinking more money into it.


I haven’t bought anything for past 2 events (which I usually do) and still don’t have them as for the survey I may have said no to it because of the MANY times I tried and couldn’t even submit it!!


I finally got “randomly” chosen last event too.


Maybe next time you’ll randomly get one of the good packs


that what kind of pack im waiting on.


They finally offered me one. Too late and too little PG. That bridge is burned :joy::joy::joy:

I’m buying a PS4 today instead of wasting my money on a game that the developers are trying to kill


It’s still way better than the normal packs lol


Hope everyone got these. Still not biting


Haha my teammate got 1 for 30k rubies for 49.99 what are they thinking I have never seen such randomness how can a game legally charge 3 people the same thing for 3 packs that have different amounts of stuff and not offer th everyone glad I quit spending or I would be sending ss and getting refunds or doing chargebacks.


Yea I’m gonna start screen shotting if I buy a pack… wait for same day to see if there is one of these packs posted like this… if not that’s fine.
If they are… imma ask for a refund every time…

I’m not buying a pack for 99$ for half the shit someone else is getting… period…

In the words of @TheRedDelilah… enough of the Fuckery is enough!

Need to keep a thread open “called what discount pack did u receive today and post the pictures every day” keep a log of sorts.


I hardly ever check the store so i can’t tell you for certain that i’ve never received an offer, but none currently and none that i can explicitly remember


I certainly don 't recall ever seeing anything of the likes posted here and will not be buying any more packs until I do. I have posted across numerous threads that until I can see value in a purchase decision going forward then my wallet stays closed. Even if it means I don’t complete Pathox this season so be it. A line is drawn. Atlas elite ran out today and that also will not get renewed.


I have to agree… although I’m going through withdrawals at the moment myself lol…
I did buy elite a few days ago for 5 dollars… and I regretted it ever since lmao…

It’s been 2 weeks or so since I bought a pack… I’m sweaty and the shakes are bad but i will pull through :joy: