Special pack not to everyone?


I didn’t fall for the 22k ruby one so now they’re offering me something even better. I can buy 10 of these and get 150k rubies for $200. Just days ago they would have charged me $200 for 70k rubies.

Seriously, stop trying PG, you’re dead to me. I didn’t renew my regular elite account for the first time in the 2+ years I’ve been playing this game. It’s not even about the money anymore.


You bought the sigil pack so they still caught you on their hook. :wink:

You’re not alone as there are a few here saying they aren’t going to bite but yet still purchased. :joy:


Not that I would buy it but at least give me the chance if you offer it.

I get too choose from 2 packs.


You have to reinstall the game to fix it. Happened to me at the start of the event too. Actually the start of the last 2 events. Yet again another game issue that hasn’t been fixed.


It might not be due to spending habits since these are my best offers and I haven’t spent since Ember’s evolve stone for cloak. :thinking:


I think that a lot of these offers are geared towards former spenders. I got the offers a few weeks after going from spending over $1,000/mo to spending $0/mo (not even elite). So in other words, PG likes to wait until it’s too late to try and retain their customers.


Still not doing it. Offer an equal experience to everyone


Nope, no sigil packs either. Removed my card so I can’t make a poor descion


@pgriocket I’m getting canned answers to having this pack in my alt but not my main. Why can’t anyone who asks get this and the other “special packs” added to their account. I’m not spending a cent and considering asking for a refund now. This is ridiculous that u offer these packs to come players and some of us have been paying full price. I believe those of us whose have paid for regularly priced packs need to be adjusted and those packs should be made available. Please and thank you. It is fortification which is out of order bc you all changed the ebpevent order based on ppl complaining now u do this crap and have been doing it for some time apparently.


Fort is what it should have been.


Would love to get the winter mythic however knowing I am paying more then some for the same thing I can’t justifiably spend, any way everyone can get the same price on items or is pg going to continue cherry picking who gets what ?


Next are custom packs just for you! You’ll be able to tell how dumb they think you are by the price point they offer to you. This should be entertaining, I can wait for the thread we post our custom offers, should be enlightening


Lol you joked but apparently the new update is exactly that…wow


Still waiting to get these “special” packs before I can spend but hey no rush Christmas is around the corner and can always buy a few more presents for everyone with all the $ I am saving till then.


Oh it’s gonna be those special customized packs,that’s their solution to this. My guess 500 shards for 50 bucks.


What shards are you talking about ? Because those new packs aren’t atlas related.


The things needed for fire turrent,ice turrent ya know something useless.


If you don’t buy packs you don’t have to worry about it. Why people continue to give pg money amazes me. They don’t change their ways and are constantly using blatant money grabs.


I have to laugh, this thread has been going since October with the same comments and exact same replies the entire time. No one can or is willing to give a straight answer for the packs. Usual answer being “I don’t know about these packs specifically, but I’ll ask someone else”. It’s always a test because that is the easiest way to answer without having to give any other explanation. Just accept that these special offers are not a test and that they will be offered to whomever PG decides they want to target. They will not be rolling out soon to everyone like stated. It is simply a company who is trying to get as much money as they can before the game goes under. Most app based games go thkrough this same thing. After a while it becomes about the money instead of the quality of game play and then the game goes under and we all move on to the next one.


Lol. And this isn’t even the best pack out there. Only got it after I stopped spending since that Vanguard thing came out. So much for that great seasonal pack deal. I can do simple math PG. I’m not that stupid. I’m also still waiting on my refunds through Google. Google will be elevating the ticket for me.