Special pack not to everyone?


Even if that seems like a better deal it still isn’t as good as the 15k rubies for 20 bucks… and they want to charge 35k for 100? are you actually insane PG? I don’t speak for everyone but if people are getting 15k for 20 dollars (posted many times on this forum alone) I will never in hell pay $50 for 22k or $100 for 35k rubies…

Just make all of them available to everyone and see the cash roll in. its not a hard concept ><. Just try it I dare you and see the revenue stream. Do a comparison from November to just the week (or two) you release these to everyone and I would almost guarantee equal or greater sales for just those weeks compared to the entire last month.


Still no offer like this for me. I was a decent spender. Not a dime until I get a good offer. The boycott continues.


Sure would like to spend this season -_-


I sent a ticket yest about this and they’re STILL giving that crap response about rolling it out to everyone slowly!! It’s been over a month at least right? Such bullshit


Constantly reminded-_-


Still waiting


I actually had these special packs for a while tbh. But I never knew they were special just for me? & I don’t buy but I bought one because it was a good deal. But now they’re gone off my account🤷🏽‍♀️


I would have bought them but they were never offered. I put a ticket in asking for the offer. Begging to spend that $99.99. I escalated that ticket explaining that I am a heavy spender, now they are offering advantages to other players, and that this would lead to me quitting. I asked for the offer, told them it is a guaranteed revenue increase to them the moment it was offered to me. I was told no basically, so yesterday I pulled all cards from the play store and got rid of the game.

Really like this game and only wanted equal treatment for all but it appears that was too much to ask. After spending the amount I have spent it is truly disappointing. Lvl 348 and almost done with vanguard. You don’t get there in less than a year and a half without serious funds to pg, but they were willing to let me walk.

Dear PG. Offer still stands. Offer me the pack and I will buy it. Guaranteed $100 added to revenue. I didn’t ask for anything free. Unfortunately I will need to be notified through the emailed ticket since the game is no longer on my phone and I would need to reinstall.


Actually there are five available :cold_face:


I came back and I’m in a similar situation. I don’t spend a ton but I’d spend $50 a month. I know this are available so I’m not going to over pay by 250% for something.


Well, I’m officially off my teams now over this. My big is kicked from a top 50 atlas team on my request, and my alt is gone from Plat 1 on my request. Both are big accounts for the amount of time they were on this game. Both have substantial funds into them. Both teams are asking me not to leave because they know what I put in to events and atlas. I know we always say pg only cares about money but it seems that isn’t the case here. They let a lot of money walk on this one and their argument seems to be that offering this pack gives no advantage to the players it was offered to. I replied that an extra 15k extra rubies could lead to 3-4 megas at the end of a pvp round which could affect an entire team. 15k extra rubies and 10k tokens leads to people breeding bigger dragons at breex to attack me with. 15k extra rubies and 50 in timers leads to a better fortification which makes it harder for me to solo in a war. How again is this not an advantage? I’m up to “senior” management in my ticket escalation now. Every day a new guy responding a little higher up the food chain. Somehow all turning down guaranteed revenew on a large scale in comparison to a high percentage of players. I’m baffled.


It baffles me too how some players are getting the 200% egg token bonus again this season and others aren’t. I didn’t get it last season and I’m not getting it this season. I’m basically set back 50% breeding progress from some folks for 2 seasons now. That’s garbage.


I’m confused who exactly these special packs are marketed to? Why offer them to majority low spenders instead of people who would totally buy them in a heart beat? Isn’t there a greater chance of offering it to regular spenders than non spenders?


My guess is they feel if you are willing to spend already why lower the cost? If you pay $100 for 35k rubies why offer more value with $50 for 25k rubies?

Perhaps they can throw in some trebuchet resists (in my offers I get this a lot) … because you know that is a dealbreaker for many …:woman_facepalming:t4:


I was in dilemma today whether to purchase 50€ or 100€ iTunes card for the 30k rubies special packs(5 available). My instinct told me to just buy one pack, not two. Just now i bought one and then…POOOOFFF! the remaining four are gone from the store. I guess i have made a right call :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You mean like this one. I guess they think energy packs and inner fires help with fortification?


I’m curious how long it took you after stopping spending to get the better offers. My offers were really bad so I stopped buying any packs. Last offer was not too bad but I’m holding out for more.


I just got that answer yesterday … support argued that they “already explained this” to us in the forums but the rollout still defys common sense.


Curious if this was ever resolved. I was also of the notion that they would not let large spenders walk.

Perhaps it is just poor execution on their part but wow.


I didnt spend any money for more than 2 months besides atlas elite monthly subscription. Still didnt get any special pack offer yet and I refuse to spend any money untill I get those nice offers (couple of my teammates got them after 2months doing the same) . Its simple as that, I bet I am not the only person doing this. I literally told them in support that I would buy couple packs of $100 ones but they refused my money. Okaaay I guess :man_shrugging:t2: