Special pack not to everyone?


Even if that seems like a better deal it still isn’t as good as the 15k rubies for 20 bucks… and they want to charge 35k for 100? are you actually insane PG? I don’t speak for everyone but if people are getting 15k for 20 dollars (posted many times on this forum alone) I will never in hell pay $50 for 22k or $100 for 35k rubies…

Just make all of them available to everyone and see the cash roll in. its not a hard concept ><. Just try it I dare you and see the revenue stream. Do a comparison from November to just the week (or two) you release these to everyone and I would almost guarantee equal or greater sales for just those weeks compared to the entire last month.


Still no offer like this for me. I was a decent spender. Not a dime until I get a good offer. The boycott continues.


Sure would like to spend this season -_-


I sent a ticket yest about this and they’re STILL giving that crap response about rolling it out to everyone slowly!! It’s been over a month at least right? Such bullshit