Special pack not to everyone?


That’s enough for them to refuse to offer you anything good I’m pretty sure. My 15k rubies offer for $20 went away immediately after I bought atlas elite. PG doesn’t want spender’s money, they think non spender’s money is worth more :roll_eyes:


I’m not so sure. I’m guessing this is part of their “algorithm” that seems to think very differently than I do as to what my needs will be.

I’d doubt it was a conscious effort to say wow we got $20 so don’t worry about $100


Ok thanks this is helpful. I’m kind of in the same boat. I stopped buying things a few weeks ago and I’m noticing the packs are a bit better. Still shy of anything I really want though.

But I can’t confirm this is due to closing $$ or just their algorithm guessing what I need. Lol


Would not say resolved by any means. I am playing again at least. We got that far, but some changes will need to happen to keep me where I was as a customer, and my frustration will build again if the packs are not released to everyone.


Apparently the A/B testing continues. Just saw an alliance member post the $50 pack with 30k rubies, 10 golds, 40 12 hours, nrg, IF that they were offered today


30k rubies or 3k rubies?


The former, I’ve seen pics too


It was 30k


That is crazy :exploding_head:


Sorry technically about $55 since it was a European member


This thread need to be closed. I’m tired seeing these bad offers posted here :sleepy::sleeping:


DO WANT…Where is mine, PG?


One of my alts is still getting the 20k rubies offer for $15. Granted I only have the option to purchase it once instead of 10 times, but still.


Curious if people are still getting these. Honestly I rarely look anymore, there’s not much value to be had in my opinion. The daily specials seem to be worse than the overpriced regular packs. It is baffling to me how just how far removed from the players they seem to be.
There’s thousands of posts in several threads but has anything actually changed? Daily log in rewards are arguably worse than the old bounty harbor. Who really knows if they are still sending unbelievable offers to bring back players. How about a player happiness initiative that works.

Hey-you-PG, over here
I WANT to give you money, I really do. I just need to not feel like your ripping me off every time I look at packs for sale. I just need to feel like you actually care whether I choose to play your game or not. Like maybe players who have logged in everyday for YEARS might get something beyond 15 elemental embers or 100$ packs that won’t push me more that a lvl or two. WE AREN’T HERE BECAUSE OF YOU, WE ARE HERE DESPITE YOU. I’ve posted, I’ve sent tickets, I’ve asked my team to do the same. You just don’t seem to get it. Its not complicated. I started playing another game recently and they certainly seem to think my buisness is valuable and even though they have given me some free stuff, I didn’t suddenly stop playing. I don’t know what the future here is, I hope it’s awesome, and I hope it’s awesome because PG helps make it awesome and not the players continuing to make it awsome while PG just gets in the way.


From my knowledge, they have discontinued special packs as of early January. But i’d be interested in seeing actual facts since sometimes what is discussed/told is different than what is seen in reality


Well, something to consider is the buyer mindset… the daily special doesn’t offer value, but it will encourage people to buy the regular packs since they are now the best value offered.

Reverse marketing can work.


Still waiting for my discount pack e2p till then.


See the daily offer thread. I posted one of the super special 91% discounts I got there and it wasn’t that long ago. So yes, A/B is still a thing.


Can you link it please with the date? Can’t find it

Found it: What is your daily offer?
You posted this 3 days before they discontinued the A/B testing so…


What is your daily offer? Jan 6th so less than 30 days. The weird thing though, I bought a 71% special offer just because it had 30K egg tokens and the really good one appeared pretty much right after. I have not purchased anything since and no 90% “B” offers since then.