Speed Boost - 1 day

It’s a self explanitory title.

What do people think of adding a ‘1 Day’ speed boost?

It doesn’t require must changes to the game. It’s simply another change to the database.

It can be rarer than 12hour boosts (if it were added to the chests). As a minimal addition, it only needs adding to the forge.


What for?

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It provides an added component to the game.

  • Forging a 15 minute speedup takes 1 hour. 1 / 4 ratio.
  • Forging a 1 hour speedup takes 5 hours. 1 / 5 ratio.
  • Forging a 3 hour speedup takes 10 hours. 1 / 3.33 ratio.
  • Forging a 12 hour speedup takes 30 hours. 1 / 2.5 ratio.

Forging a 24 hour speedup could take 50 hours and be more efficient - more bang for your buck.

I’m at a point where buildings take 42 days to finish building. I think the max is 57 days.

Introducing a 24 hours speedup may seem like a small thing to do, but in practice it would be greatly appreciated.

It should be introduced a 24h speedup but it shouldn’t be harder to get. It should replace 12h, the 12h should replace the 3h, and so on.

For the amounts of high level players now it should be changed. A leg drop of 15 12h gives me half a tower and I’m just lvl 155 🤦


I agree! We need this NOW! I would love 24hr speed ups… I’m not very patient.

Maybe this might be unpopular, but what about scaling the speedup amounts by level?

Keep 1min-30min the same, we all need small timers

Level 1-99 would be 1/3/12hr
Level 100-199 could be 2/6/18hr
Level 200-299 could be 3/12/24hr
Level 300+ could be 6/24/48hr

Or something like that, up for discussion. Either way we cant simply change the 12 hours directly for the 24 hours at all player levels. This timer issue is NOT an issue below level 100, it simply isn’t. Way too many folks are leveling way too fast and outgrowing their dragons since they can obtain so many timers through the season menu.
Level 100-199 have nearly the same problem.
Level 200-299 now slows down 4x as slow as the level 100-199 crowd.
And level 300+ slows 4x slower than that even due to leveling requirements.

Anyways, it’s not the written word of god like some of you seem to think i spout, but something i’ve been thinking about and the best way to implement this along with other scaling items in the game (ruby transfer cost, xp potions, packs, etc). Always up for a discussion.


I hope one day we will wake up to PG changing all 12 hours to 24 hour timers. Not adding, replacing.
Meaning, if you have 200 x 12 hours that would become 200 x 24 hours.

At a very bare minimum, 18 hours would be nice.

I really hope they don’t. Do you know how much this would alter leveling at the start of the game and how ruined the balance would be?

Could be scaled based on level or something.
It should NOT take you 700 days worth of timers to grow 5 levels once you are past 300. So either timers need a change or upgrade XP needs to be reworked again imo

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There’s also the possibility of not creating a 24h and scaling the 12 hours properly by level, without tiers, like they do with food packs and potions.
This pains me also because I speed most of my hatchlings as I need them breedable for next event so 60x 12h per month is certain.
Either way the legendary drop should be adjusted to allow a player to speed at least one tower in his current level.

I wouldn’t be mad if they did but I don’t think it’s something that is really needed.

I think they should take away the 1min speed up and replace it with a 24hr.

It’s an interesting idea. Do you think there’s a meaningful difference between doing it this way versus just saying that upgrade costs should be reduced by 40% from 100-199, 67% from 200-299, and 83% at 300+?

I like @mechengg s of being scalar and I agree that it is probably a better option. It is something which I considered but it will require quite a bit of work for PG - we all know how busy they are with other fixes and the like.

I proposed the simple addition of a larger timer as it’s the easiest option to implement.

For those who consider it ‘not enough’ - just consider it the first step in the direction we all want to go.

Actually yes I do believe there is a difference between how the player base would see the overall effect. Let me elaborate a bit below in a very basic way.

If you reduce the amount of speedups for buildings, higher levels will riot due to newer players entering those levels having a cheaper means of obtaining them. They will go about it demanding refunds and complaining. They paid X for these towers and now someone gets it for Y.

By offering more scaleable speedups based on level you allow players to obtain those towers cheaper (same effective cost whether you halve the build time vs give twice the speedups at certain levels) without the backlash, because you have given these higher level players who have already invested in these towers a cheaper way to get new better towers in the future so they are happy.


Scaling consumables isn’t a new concept and should definitely be applied to speedups. I thought this concept was already applied elsewhere in the game.

On a related note, how great would it be to have a slider/quantity box for “apply multiple” speedups, similar to the slider/quantity box for transferring resources to/from banks in Atlas?

It would be pretty great to dump 7,000 @ 1-minute timers with a swipe and a tap instead of 7,000 taps.


we want it @Arelyna

Why not just click on ‘Apply Multiple’ and use the best combination of timers?

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I like the idea of a speed boost but not for building instead for egg token missions. It doesn’t have to be a 50% speed boost but at-least 30% I wouldn’t want to see them in gold chest but instead in individual tier prizes or 1st place in team prize.

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