Speed up Atlas Roll out



@PGDave please speed up the rollout of atlas, I have several people including myself bored and contemplating leaving war Dragons . We need something fresh , we need something new and we need it like yesterday.


Dude you have no idea…

I have had more people quit the game from Atlas than I have in a long long time. It’s new but intense AF.


Will never quit for having something to learn, something new to do, will however quit from repeatedly doing the same stuff over and over again, if I wanted that I would play FarmVille


I get that mentality. A lot of Atlas is slow moving, long game, more things to farm.


And still a lot that needs to be fixed



My question is why roll it out to new players when players from existing atlas teams still can’t get in? @pgeggtoken


Are you referring to the 32-bit users who will be able to access Atlas with v3.80, which releases at the same time that we’re adding the next wave of players?


What team are you on? I dont want you to get bored…


There’s also this, though doesn’t seem very widespread… x.x


When is this rolling out?


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