Speeding potions/forge items

Tired of multi tapping, can we have a “finish all” button for speeding FORGE items thats not in rubies?

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Those times are so low to even care… also a waste of timers, you should have seen the days before auto breed and the auto speedup user

We are different players. You dont know how much I use my potions or other forge items that i should even bother speeding those up.

Highest timer i could use is 1h, thats still 5 taps per potion.

And another thing, if a player isnt a long time player, i bet he or she doesnt know that u can actually speed it up, bec to get to this page , you need to tap the very small clock icon. :face_vomiting:.

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Around 20-100 potions for fort (using speedups, not counting other spells). I bet this will be useful

Make it 200 :eyes:. Thats what im doing and its completely tiring and waste of time when u can and shouldve had an option to finish all.

Edit: and why put rubies option to finish all? Make dumb wealthy players spend on this type of thing? :unamused:. Pls pg change the way I think of you, atleast just for this forge speeding thing. :unamused:


Soooo glad I joined after that. That would have sucked.

it did…

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