Speeding up construction with rubies

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Is there a question?

I think this was more informative, he just wanted to let you know he thought it was a good idea.


It exists guys!!

I’m not joking

I’m glad you found this feature and welcome to the forums!

A better use of your rubies is actually to buy the “speed up packs” in the forge to get clocks. :slight_smile:

But I pressed the button on accident

Now you know that the button works :smiley:

However cryptic the OP has been, I believe he is trying to say that there is now a confirmation screen in case you accidentally press the buy with rubies button.




Hasn’t there always been some kind of confirm screen?

I thought there was? But I do remember sometimes while playing if I am doing something or have to do something fast I will just stick phone in pocket I did that once and 5 mins later started playing again (didn’t notice for about an hour or so) And bam over 6k rubies gone :weary:

I figured buttons were hit in my pocket I contacted support asking if they take away whatever I did and reimburse me back the rubies of course they wouldn’t…Which makes sense because ppl can say they didn’t mean to buy gold chests if they didn’t like what they got lol

Funny thing about all of it was buildings were still under upgrade and I didn’t notice any major change with Timers or boosts.
I still have no idea where the rubies went :joy:
Always exit out before shoving phone in pocket :grin:

I sped up with rubies once by accident. I think that’s an option for those who got so many gold chests to open that they don’t have the time for it.

Perhaps PG could add a new option whereby you could speed up the opening of chests with rubies. (Delegation!)

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Purchase egg tokens with rubies exists people! Just don’t do it

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