Speeding up Egg Mission "Bug (?)"

Was speeding up a basic egg mission and the screen froze up on me so I was kind of poking around on the screen (screen showed the speed this up? yes/no window) to see if it would unfreeze and when it did my basic mission was sped up but it also sped up the 20hr mission so hundreds of rubies down ye olde potty.

Just posting this as an FYI/caution in case you get half-frozen trying to speed a mission up, I guess just wait it out or reboot don’t poke around it might have registered background pokes or something? Not sure. But just wanted to toss it out there in case it somehow helps anyone not accidentally speed up the 20hr in the future.

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I’ve done this once or twice. Just wait it out or force close. Whatever you do don’t tap the screen. It typically happens when the 20-hour mission costs >400 rubies.

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