Speeding up forges

speed up buildings can be done instantly.
Speeding up token missions , instant aswell. Primarch summoning , instant. Speeding up troop creation , intant.

THEN WHY NOT FORGE ITEMS, ah yes there is , ruby tho. Make an instant finish button for forging items! And do not scam us with that ruby speed up thing.


While you’re at it, gear crafting also urgently needs an option for timers so we don’t use half a pack worth of rubies just speeding things up for one event… universal timer application pls

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Yeah, but they should scale it higher, prolly for lvl 1 weapon and shields 12h? Dpend on what type of gear. I just want to speedup potions ao badly, and its tiring.

Or im okay having a feature where u can convert your timers to 5h timers lmfao

Times for crafting gear is good, I don’t need 2 events where I have to drop hundreds of hours in clocks. But the option to use them is needed.

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You can actually use timers on items you forge. Just click the item in the first slot and it takes you to your timer screen.

Crafting gear is another story, I’m just glad they didn’t change it to diamonds to speed that up.

I think the main problem is

The image you’ve posted also doesn’t have the instant finish button Sith…


Ah, I see. I thought he was just speaking of having to use rubies as opposed to timers. Sorry @Gid, my mistake :joy:


This is actually the second time ive posted this kind of thread. I have tons of 15 mins and 3 mins 1 mins that I want to use for healing pots. But it takes thousand of clicks to finish 1 healing pots. So either make a combining button for those minute timer or put a damn finish all button without using the rubies

why not use the big timer?

Its building event. :pensive: i hope it rings a bell.

So? Buildings have an auto-apply button that will just as happily eat 720 one-minute timers, instead of one 12 hour one. In the end you still have the same amount of hours so might as well use the biggest ones that fit to speed up your forge.

what is your point? you have 60 1min timer, 1 12hour timer. using 60 1min timer and leave the 12hour for fortification doesnt change the fact that you can only speed thing up 13 hour in total

@Dawncrayon @Morreion

, if i have used up all my 12h, 3h , and 1h timer because it is building event, what is left on me 30 mins, 15 mins, 3 mins and 1 min. So if I will forge a potion with 5h duriation, speed up and if ill use 15m timer i have to tap 20 times for 1 single potion.

you have a point since you do it the opposite way. yet stock up the speed up again would be faster compare to waiting for them to implement this
and I dont use all the speed up in fortification, I save some for hatching

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