Speeding up the AutoBreeder System

This AutoBreeder is about to drive me crazy on being so slow lol. Anyway to maybe make this process faster? Breeding my fourth harbinger this event and about ready to pull my hair out lol


It was made like this so addicted players had time to shower.


I believe not at the moment. However, it’s possible to do the breeding while doing something else such as grinding exp (or so they said…)
Just ask one of your teammates to do constant attack while inviting, and join them during autobreed. Once you join, you’ll be able to do anything else yourself (but idk what happened if the game is closed…)

Interesting. Didn’t know this. Might have to try it next time. Figured it would stop breeding if you clicked one of the banners.

Seems like it would be pretty simple to engineer a new system. One in which you input the number of tokens you wished to use. The game would use the breeding partners probability of obtaining a frag for each offspring possible. For example. Mune+Cerebro= Kaiju+Kelvin both at a probability of 12%, and checking out handy dandy Amoeba. You already know it should cost an estimated 64k tokens. Getting rid of the wait, but I’d also leave the option of using the old system for those times it takes just a couple more rolls of 400. To finish a drag.

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You do realize it can be as fast as u want it right? All you have to do is stop n start as many times as u choose depending on how fast you do it

@PJohnson99 someone said above something similar but if you join a players invite on a run it will immediately remove the allotted amount of eggs needed to breed the dragon you are breeding and by the time you are done that run the egg will be ready for incubation.


I record when I am in autobreed just for proof and what have you. I was sitting there for 31 minutes and I didn’t even finish - I had to go use some mystic frags, open some chests, etc. I know I could click a banner out, but I feel like I have to SEE what’s happening or bad things happen. I also can’t click a text or anything of the sort without halting the whole thing. I wish I could just say “until this egg specifically is done” or “is X tokens”


I find it particularly frustrating if I’m trying to get the rarest egg, but have already bred but not hatched one of the other eggs. Every time you get another copy of the more common egg, the autobreed stops. This means I have to sit there constantly restarting it, rather than leaving it to run until I actually get an egg I didn’t already have.

Presumably whatever logic is determining whether the autobreed should continue after completing an egg is looking at whether you already have the dragon in question, but fails to check whether you only have the unhatched egg. This would surely be a very easy thing to fix!


I am guilty of leaving it breeding and leave my phone charging so I can go do something

I like watching the egg fragments increase, but watching for half an hour might be a bit much :laughing:


That’s funny because I actually took a shower while I put Anapa on autobreed. Next event I’ll probably trim my beard one hair at a time while I breed Apophet.


I created this one last breeding event. This time around I spent about 400k tokens. It took so fucking long, and one of the breeds kept pausing every 15k cuz of some fucking egg I never incubated so I couldn’t just leave it and do something else.

Personally I start my breed and then come here and catch up on all the old topics. A good half hour of atlas posts gets my blood pumped which motivates me to go split wood to vent all my pent up bitterness and clear my head.
Breedings done, chores are done, win win.


When you’re spending upwards of 150k tokens. Said method seems illogical. There’s still a wait time, and also the problem of accidentally hitting the rubie breed button. Which could also be improved upon. Hitting the rubie button for any function (finish building now, breed for 1500, and the forge finish now) should feature a second window opening. An example would be a button indicating an option to use rubies, which is connected to an embedded window with a click and spend rubies button. Similar to how the multiple timers button functions. Use multiple, click, show the amount you’ll be using. Click to confirm using said timers.
Thanks for the like @TheRedDelilah. Your guides are brilliant, and we appreciate the effort.

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