Speedup research

Since speedups are usable for forging, hatching, and building, why not implement it for research as well?

If you tap the rubies button, it’ll give you a speedups option. It’s scary to do, but it works.

Just don’t tap the rubies for clearing fog…

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Thanks a lot…
Perhaps I’d suggest for correcting captions then (say speedups instead of only rubies shown).

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Omg… I always wanted to speed up those but never dared touching that ruby button… Sadly I don’t have as many research eggs as before, so I don’t care anymore about timers for my research tower… Thanks anyway!

I agree the captions should be corrected. That’s usually something Jared could do, but since he’s on vacation I don’t really know who to tag.

i wouldn’t speed up research too much. I’m not sure where you are with research but it is likely that eventually you will run out of eggs to keep researching. Those timers will be better used elsewhere.


I’m still at green, but there was a time I had loads of research eggs and wanted to improve a few researches like building time, experience or hatching time… Those were meaningful to me the faster I got them, especially around Fort or Feed events…

@PGEggToken @PGCrisis for research speedup label fixing, I suppose

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Had no idea this was a thing…

This is also good when ik i wont be on for a a few days and my research still needs 12 hours or so, id like to be able to speed it up without rubies and not waste the extra time.

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