Spell assignments, the hunter cloak ones

Is it possible PG that the next season hunter dragons does have the cloak spells on the same spot?

I do fly atm myself Calavore, as expert in verdant, jaalkan takes the hunter spot soon in the roster.
But it’s pretty annoying when newly flying a hunter, and both there cloak spells are on a different spot during the battle.
I think having them both at the top of the spells like Calavore, would be a more handy thing when flying different hunters.


i wish there’d be a way for us to rearrange the order of dragon spells.


That would be the best obviously.
Anyone knows if that will be possible in the near future? :innocent:


The order also often differs between IOS and Android

But yes, it would be great if we could choose the order of the spells


In my dreams :cry:

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