Spell Bug: Nightfall remains disabled after dropping below one rage

@PGPulse @PGMichael Nightfall on Apophet remains grayed out/disabled once Apophet drops below 1 rage after casting. It might be something else as well :see_no_evil:

Edit: To duplicate: spam other spells until 1 rage, use nightfall.

After letting rage regen completely:

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Just to weed one thing out and out of curiosity…you didn’t happen to get hit by ice flak super shot did you? Similar thing happens to Nexryx and Apophet (edit: only had these two reported so far on the thread below…could be more idk) sometimes when a spell is active and ice flak SS hits u. If no, please forgive me and ignore this link below as it’s not tied to the same bug.


Nope :frowning: just re-ran on a base that has no ice flaks.

Thanks for verifying! Good information to have for differentiating look-alike bugs :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had this a few times as well. Not had him for that long though so I wasn’t sure if it was just a thing with his spells

Maybe it’s been a bug for a while :see_no_evil:. It was a backbreed for me, so I didn’t poke at it, until someone had mentioned it on LINE but wasn’t sure about posting.

Nice, I don’t remember this being a thing until the past few weeks. I thought it was after using it three times but now I have an answer. Theoretically, it can be that I can never use it.

Nice debug Sci

I’m notice it as well. I didn’t do an in depth analysis but rather a rage quit and scream.

It has turned off and not returned in the absence of white flakes.

Can anyone confirm if this was fixed yet? Got Apophet on incubator awaiting it to work again. impatient :laughing:

Yes you are… I just answered your question in the other thread you just posted to.

Yes, it’s still not fixed.

Lol I posted in two to up my chance of finding a yes it’s working reply *sarcasm

Thanks for answering my question - twice! :grinning:

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:thinking: suppose this might be fixed in the future, forgot which LINE chat it was originally reported in

Edit: added clarity, as it was confusing people, hehe

Not fixed for me yet.

not yet 4.30


Assuming that this past update was 4.30, It’s still happening. Just flew him.

It’s 4.24. You can see which app version you have by going to your settings -> about tab.
4.30 will be our next week.


I am experiencing the same problem running Apophet on the 219 xp base. There are not any ice flaks on that base.

Will be fixed in 4.30 update next week.


Admittedly I was semi-lazy. I thought about going into the app store but actually got stuck doing work today at work (in between flights at least).