Spell Question: Galvanic Overload

  1. What is the effect of Galvanic Overload?
  2. I used it against freexp280’s tower. Why I keep getting Empowered Failed?

It does a ton amount of damage on tower but not guarantee to kill. If the cast kill the tower, you will have a chance to sacrifice an amount of health and gain back 1 rages…for another cast.
In a way, it is weaker version of death gaze that only 1 rage to begin with

Can’t explain better. But I remember it confusing when I was trying to recast again and again. Could be easier if you don’t think about recasting first, and try it on lower lvl bases. That error seems to appear randomly even when the spell works so nvm.

Is there any measurement how big the damage is?

I believe it is 1200%

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My bad, got this info from wardragons strategy
“Initial cast deals between 110% and 200% of your dragon’s HP to a tower. If this destroys the tower, the second cast pops up that allows 1 bar of rage to be regained at a cost of 10% of your dragons health”

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