Spell question: Red vs Red Mage

For attack type red spell, it’s known that red mage blocks the attack (not disables it)
What is the effect of Red mage barrier and supershot (other than rage blocking) against Reverse Projectile / Invert and Summon Warrior ?

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Not sure about Summon Warrior, but Invert/RP will still work; the reversed projectiles just won’t damage the towers due to the red mage’s shield. :t_rex:

Summon Warrior : In current meta, the red mage barrier doesn’t do anything to summon warrior spell. Red mage supershot kills the summon warrior and freezes rage bar. The supershot doesn’t take away any rage.
I think the summoned warrior shouldn’t have capability to do damage under umbrella, because that’s supposed to be what Red mage barrier does.

Reverse Projectile/Invert : RP/Invert still invert any projectiles except Red mage supershot. Due to Red mage barrier, the towers under protection of red mage don’t get hit by the reversed projectile though. But Red Mage supershot still hits the dragon even when reverse projectile/invert is active.
This means red mage supershot takes 1 or 2 rage away depending on whether base research related to extra rage drain is done.


I’ll also add on a note to Luffy’s response and point out that Red projectiles, like Earthquake, are only blocked if the Red Shield is up when the projectile lands on the terrain.

For example: You can equip a Freeze spell to a hunter, fire the Freeze at a cluster of towers, kill the Red mage while the projectile is traveling and it won’t be blocked when it lands. You can also use a Freeze against a sanded Red mage for a strange combination.


So, is it safe to say that.

  1. RP still blocks all projectile but red mage SS, even under the barrier.
  2. RP won’t be dispelled by Red Mage SS
  3. Red Mage SS will always try to shot Red Summon.

Yes, Yes and Yes

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also red mage doesnt block red spell like healing mark cast on monument even it seems like the red shield covering over them

Yep! I remember long, long ago in the days when I was flying green tier (I think it was green teir dragons) some guy in LC accused me of cheating because I’d used heal mark with ettin on one of his monuments while there was a red mage there :laughing:

I didn’t feel bad about attacking the guy cause he’d been begging for someone to attack him. I even asked if I could try his base before I went, he never said no. (Turns out he wasn’t happy with me hitting him, but I’m like dude, you asked for someone to attack you and I asked, and you didn’t say no lol.)

a hunter user should know this and I dont know if it is a glitch but the cast usually hit the perch when I target the tower nearest to the perch

I would be unhappy too, not because someone attack me but because I wasnt there to watch it and having fun defending myself

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He was actively defending against me and still accused me of cheating for targeting his monuments with heal mark :joy:

I never get why i can’t target the tower beside Seagazer perch with healing mark. I tried repeated spamming heal mark on tower beside perch numerous times. It never works. I call it a glitch.

Target the Ryuu den statue thingy instead :blush:

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i do that as well.
Doesn’t change the fact that its a glitch being unable to hit the tower beside perch.

It’s not a glitch, it’s just really bad hit boxes. If you aim towards the bottom right of that tower you can get it to mark the tower instead of the perch. If you aim for center of the tower, then you’ll get the perch.


Next case…
Will T/F Tomb shield (probably also Nova…) be destroyed if it’s hit by red mage ss?

Seems that Frozen Tomb’s shield vanished upon contact with Red Mage’s SS
Need confirmation for Nova (as I’m too low to have dragon with Nova)

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