Spell Rider Aithne is Unearthed!

This week is our Wave 2.5 release, featuring the debut of our Unearthed Spell Rider. Below are the details.


  • Spell Rider Branch will cost 39k sigils and offer 6 season keys & 2 ascension tokens, as well as a 20% boost to prizing for the first two weeks.


Dsegin Intent:

Aithne is a spell rider that wields the power to protect the life of her bonded dragon. Flames of Rebirth will prevent your dragon from dying for 2 seconds. If it would have fallen during the time that the spell is active, it explodes with life, dealing damage to all nearby towers, and heals for a portion of its max health.

Using such a powerful spell takes all of Aithne’s strength, so she can only use it once per battle. Aithne works best when bonded to a dragon with great healing spells so that they can recover from the brink of death. Through her skill tree, you can instruct Aithne to focus on enhancing the damage or the healing of Flames of Rebirth.

Creator Faction Graphs and Artwork: