Spell rider branch should be discounted in new season?

So, since legendary dragons are pretty crap for defended runs and since most end game fights in atlas are mostly defended.
Legendary dragons are useless at end game

But the discounted legendary dragons are pretty important for newer players.

But for the others who don’t even hatch their legendaries. It would be nice if the spell riders are introduced in first two discount weeks as another third discounted branch as an option to legendary dragon.
So you can either unlock the legendary dragon discounted or unlock the spell rider discounted.

Considering, how the mythics that will be released from now on, would absolutely need a rider spell to be viable.

I know this goes against PGs obvious intention of making us want to spend more on these add ons.

But product management team at PG really is bad. They need to come up with better ways to make people play the game.

And not be too focused on making people who are already spending alot, to spend more.

More fun the game play, more people will play.
More people playing, more likely you’ll get more moderate spenders.

Heavy spenders, don’t you feel it’stime to stop funding PG for this kind of "new " Content


Didn’t we have an old suggestion to pick which branches to be discounted before?



Well I don’t they think they will let us pick so, is this still a same topic? :joy:

Meant to add what do you think of that suggestion, but I think I may have hit the X rather than save edit. :man_facepalming:t2: my bad.

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I think it’s kind of unlikely the brand new shiny thing gets discounted right away.


That would be definitely better yes :joy:

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Well, there is a precedence for it though. Grogg, the very first seasonal rider ever was discounted. Granted he wasn’t discounted when he first came out but he did get a 2 week discount.
But I do agree, very unlikely they’re going to do that now.


I think the original Grogg got a discount after several weeks because of a very poor initial take up … I doubt the launch was planned that way.


Simple solution is don’t get the rider :man_shrugging:
The prevalent data is all they care about anymore sadly …….
Seems that’s the only way to get a response is to ignore something!
When they don’t see the numbers they will look at the content and how it’s being released otherwise they will continue to over complicate our game to produce revenue.

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I still wish we could essentially pick which two full branches we could discount but I know it’s mechanically impossible and would be too good for players. Half of the time I want nothing to do with the discount dragons. It’s such an inefficient waste. :pleading_face:

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Boycott the rider :eyes:?

You’ve been here for a long time, what do you think about the increased cost for getting a good dragon in the upcoming seasons?
As in mythic dragon + exotic gears + exotic runes

This was suggested before but hopefully it gains some traction this go around. Having a more flexible season would be beneficial to more play styles and lower level players need easier access to riders.

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