Spell Rider Idea

So just a thought… no rights reserved😉.
Spell Rider : “The Gambler”

Spell would start as a pair of dice that you roll and generates a random spell from a subset of spells like summon,death gaze, cloak etc…and once you use the spell you can roll again. Would be something new and interesting I think :face_with_monocle:


Interesting .

Questions :
How long does the dice roll ?
Have you thought some spells can conflict for some spell kits ?


I would think it could be random code for 3-4 spells and if you get a cloak but already have cloak then use it and move on, That’s the fun part I think. Maybe one heal type, one cloak type, one damage spell and one shield :man_shrugging:t2:

Just a seed I figure others could help sprout it and grow it if liked :wink:

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Sounds like a randomized version of Steal Essence.
The problem with something like that is balancing it. Something like that could end up being really broken on certain dragons.

Not sure the dice idea works in this game, this isn’t Yugioh. It would basically have to be you get a “random” spell out of the spell list and then you get another once its cd ends.
Spell Roulette sounds more appropriate than a dice.




It could… Or it could end up being something new and interesting… The dice was just an idea to go with the theme, I wasn’t trying to emulate Yugioh because I don’t even know what that is. It might Just be a dice symbol during cool down that randomly turns into a spell when cd is over. That was for aesthetics and entertainment not function. I’m not saying I have a surefire home run idea here… that’s why its a suggestion area… then others say well maybe it could work this way, or only use these spells to not let it be OP… Etc. I think the stale game cycle and recycled content isn’t getting anywhere but looking back at previous suggestions (this is not directed at anyone who replied here) they often get immediately shot down and that makes less people interested in suggesting things. Cant move forward without innovation and perspective so as many minds as possible is how we make progress.

I suggest a spell that makes the Dragons fly reverse order when triggered.

Instead of flying from island 8 to 1. If this spell is triggered, dragon teleports to island 1 and fly from 1 to 8

Spell last for 4 secs. After 4 secs, dragon returns to when the spell was last triggered. 1 sec Cool down :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: