Spell rider vs champion rider? Pros & cons

Hello all,

I’m trying to decide between the two. Can you guys help me identify pros and cons here.

I have 195k rubies / 45k sigs / festive is done

I also have Xandra lvl 50

I’m thinking spell rider attack boost will be good for my curdart or Morgot

My opinion is to get suresh. He is 34 Attk and spell rider is 42 attk. This way you only have to get 2/3 of champion rider line to get him to lvl 50 and you can use remaining sigals on drag chest! If you get spell rider you have to buy whole line, happy flying and good luck.

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If he wants a mythic, he does still need to get keys, though. But given the state of this season’s mythics (Morgorot especially), might be a better bet to plow all the sigils into Draconics for progress. Also, depending on tier, there are some good lineage dragons out there - my alts just got Quilleth and Amaruhk is on the horizon - I can easily pass on the mythics for them.

I already have mythic with 8 keys left over

That mean I can get xandra 60 as well right ?


Nice. Nevermind then. Maxxing Draconics is still a good option, though.

Here’s my problem getting Mountos for Zephyr and gett all Draconics now since I’ll only have about 6k sigils by the end of this event I’ll need around 130k sigils total and I definitely don’t have enough rubies for that. Question is getting only 400 good?

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Yes if planned correctly you should be able to get enough Xandra shards to champion and get Suresh to 50.

Just watch what your getting.

Something important to not though is that the contents of the champion rider line are really awful with almost no chests if you’re saving for next season.

From the comment they made it doesnt sound like we’ll probably see another rider with as high of attack as Mountos


Mountos is literally the only actually good thing this season. And his stats were an accident :joy: glad they didn’t change him tho


They should try to make these mistakes more often :rofl:


Of course it is. I was just looking at the OP’s sigil stash and thinking he might as well max the Draconics for progress, but it is clear he’ll have no issues with progress in general.

I only have 240k rubies right now …. I’ll have like 280k or more by week 12 or 13 …. So limited branches gut punched me this season as well as post.

do you know where i need to stop or continue to get both?

That’s also my thought, but a 10% difference is not that much in my opinion. I am open to both options.

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Still have almost 200k rubies left to dump into super sigs… not sure if that is enough though if i spend on riders at the moment.

I usually max out event reward or 75% them

75k sigils for all the draconics and around 50k (rounding down) for 200k rubies iirc

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Thank you, this help me decide. I’m going to max draconic first before I get anything else then.


Simply put if you have xander at lvl 50. You need to get 400 shards for suresh and 200 for xander and you will then get him to lvl 50 with that and her to lvl 60. Sorry major problems at work came up. Happy flying