Spell[s] I’d like to see

I would like to see a hunter with a white spell that would speed up the dragon’s flight while attacking. It would be a spell that could be activated/deactivated at will by the attacker and would drain rage while active (think Onslaught). The speed would not need to increase as much as with evasion, as I don’t intend this to be a damage avoiding spell, but rather a hurry up over dead space spell.

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I would like to see a warrior with a reverse elementals spell.

Like UVS timeshift without the ability to rewind or do you want to still be able to attack while speeding along?

I use UVS in atlas at times to speed the run. Wish he were stronger though.


I’d like to be able to attack and be attacked, just slightly increase speed at times.

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like the evasion spell?
nvm didn’t read the whole thing

Maybe a consumable to be applied to any dragon…

Similar but different. Evasion is too fast, avoids damage, and has a set rage cost. This would be a speed up that drains rage while active that simply allows the dragon to fly faster.

I want a spell that looks like cat barf and leaves an increasing damage over time ticking on the tower as a setup dragon.

They can name it “Afterburner” if it’s a consumable. Not sure I would be able to tap fast enough to kill everything though. I’m sure defenders would cry that they have less time to apply boosts and hammers.

This brings up a thought for me, why do the “jet propelled” dragons Redrain and Wydrain (sp?) fly so slow if they are jet powered?

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The impact on boosts and hammers would be part of the point. The other part would be a counteractive measure to atlas and pvp bases.

I would like to see a freeze or disable spell that is specific to a tower type on an island, rather than just an area. Like aeon flux for netting. It could be as broad as projectiles or beams, or as narrow as flaks or mages.

Isn’t that miasmic breath? :joy:

Even better if the code is mostly there. Fix the graphics, adjust the DoT to be useful, finish the kit with some survival spells and instead of sanding I’ll upchuck my way to victory! Better if it comes with appropriate sound files as well.

How much stronger? Im very happy with his strength :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Like most warriors, his flamethrower struggles.

I’d like to see a reverse elemental spell like reverse projectiles/invert but for flaks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
That would make things fun!

I’d like to see a dragon that just flies faster, period. It’s a great option for a festive. It would not be great against players, but be the ultimate help against invaders/quest bases. Its kit could be designed to ensured to be weak against players (would be OP otherwise in atlas pvp).

It should have an automatic (yellow) whelp for ultimate convenience against egg bases but not powerful enough to overpower an invader. Should have a non-white spell kit that could speed it up a little more and overall be weak to make it slightly challenging against invaders.

Fundamentally make it something you have to carefully fly against even invader, and in return you get significant speed.

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