Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Spell Scaling Announcement

As War Dragons continues to grow, we’ve taken some time to reflect on the balance between Dragons, their spells, and enemy bases. Coming in 2019 will be a series of updates to spells and how they scale proportionally to a Dragon’s current power. Certain spells work off of the Dragon’s Base HP, not factoring in any runes, research, or other modifiers. This makes battles especially difficult for Sorcerer and Warrior Dragons. As towers get progressively more powerful and Dragon Riders make more of a permanent addition to many bases and Dragons, it’s time for spells to adapt to the new power balance! We’ve spent a large amount of effort to change parts of the spell damage formula so that spells are based on Modified HP instead of Base HP of Dragons, which will help even out the overall balance of spells in the game.

Please note: There has been and will continue to be extensive testing performed on these changes from both the Dragons Team and members of the Gameplay Faction. With the proper modifiers (research, runes, and battle boosts), upcoming spell changes will reflect a fair and balanced gameplay intended to even the playing field!

We’re announcing Spell Scaling before its release in an effort to gather community feedback on the feature and deliver the best possible update to players as possible. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this announcement so we take everyone’s opinions into consideration.

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Question about Death Gaze and similar spells

With Death Gaze become Wound Gaze. Poor ember if this takes effect will be supper


I honestly haven’t heard a single person rallying for spell scaling. There are about a million other things I could think of to fix first. In fact, there are a couple recent threads with 2k or more responses each about problems in the game. Not one of them was spell scaling. ¯\(ツ)



Death Gaze and all Death Gaze-type spells, by their very nature, must be exempt from their scaling or they will be entirely useless.


from all stuff the community wants to be fixed you bring us more glitches :open_mouth:


• 1 shot spells need to remain unchanged (death gaze, umbral spike, etc)
Edit. By unchanged I mean they need to still be 1 shot spells. Mechanics changes or otherwise.
• Debuff to % to offset base -> modified; how will this affect players without Atlas (riders/gear), decent runes and more than entry level research? Is it possible they’d have less damage output than before?
• I don’t think disabling spells should be buffed. Their purpose is technical in nature and any damage is just a side effect. Im referring to desiccating sands, noxious vines, ethereal chains, etc.


You’re forgetting that deathgaze will take into effect research and boosts, and will be pretty much be an unnoticed change for those spells with a huge damage multi like deathgaze.

For those dragons with spells like consume, rejuvenate, galvantic overload, and explosive shield (just for you @Bambam27) this is going to be a very good thing.


As long as they don’t touch death gaze and they don’t break the game while trying to do this, I think this could be very beneficial. Make leveling irrelevant dragons that much easier.


Am I getting it correctly,that you will make spells more effective only for Warriors and Sorcerers,but won’t affect Hunters?
@PGMichael @PGPulse


Yeah, most death gaze-type spells are implemented as some large percentage of the dragon’s base HP. See Savage’s post in this thread for details, but the gist is that they won’t be nerfed. They will do more damage, but you won’t notice it because they’ll continue to just one-shot things.


Is this the big meeting announcement? If yes, I’m disappointed :confused:


I’m with @Lx460. I’ll be happier with this update, but there are more pressing subjects. Still is good to know your intentions on getting feedbacks


Based on the context Jared provided, no.


Didn’t we warn you about this when PG started to change spells to all be based off of base HP for “consistency” purposes? And since you adjusted some runes to already make up for it does this mean runes will be adjusted again as well?


The team that addresses game balance (this topic) and the team that handles QA (glitches) is not the same.
QA won’t move any slower or quicker for the development of this change.


I personally had hoped for something more… useful?
Is this what you guys have spent 20+ day’s of meetings on?
How about adressing some of the more critical issues…


I believe they just said the DPS of hunters will not be messed. Spells will still be revamped


No. It will affect the spells, regardless the dragon’s type. So all 3 types will get something.


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-clutches baby Ember to her chest-

As long as my Ember remains useful. He’s been with me from the very beginning, and I love him :heart: