Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


I personally had hoped for something more… useful?
Is this what you guys have spent 20+ day’s of meetings on?
How about adressing some of the more critical issues…


I believe they just said the DPS of hunters will not be messed. Spells will still be revamped


No. It will affect the spells, regardless the dragon’s type. So all 3 types will get something.


-clutches baby Ember to her chest-

As long as my Ember remains useful. He’s been with me from the very beginning, and I love him :heart:


No, hunters will have spells scaled too:


Check out the FAQ in the announcement post for more info! :slight_smile:

EDIT: @Lutrus beat me by 5 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes,I got this part,but I just went threw my roster and seeing that hunters spells most of time are based on AP,not HP
Maybe it’s just my rooster…
Also,can’t see FAQ at all :flushed:there is only note and no links or anything extra,I’ll try to reload page,maybe I’ll see it
Edit: found it! :balloon::tada::confetti_ball:


Attack based scales would also be scaled (like GO GO is HP based, chaos, etc).


This seems like it could be a good thing on the surface. Whats the catch?

Still would have rather seen a million other things addressed before this.


I totally agree with @ShadowsOfBirds with the disabling spells. These spells allow us to slow down the bases and provide us the opportunity to shoot from a longer range on long islands and add protection. Increasing their damage so that they kill towers more easily defeats their intended purpose


Seems like pretty much all tiers of dragons will get stronger, but towers won’t. Most people can already hit way above their level…


I think since the 30% hp boost consumable, research, and runes are also factoring into spell damage, the lack of Atlas won’t make existing spells weaker even with the % debuff. I think at the bare minimum, all spells will deal more damage, but not as much as if you had Atlas obviously.


I can see that it’s gonna help Itzani (which is absolutely great)
That’s all I need to know
Jotun’s boost looks disturbing

I guess gear will be absolutely useless now

Can I start the topic about removing ammo from hunters?:face_with_monocle:They still have a weak health and still need skills to fly
Sorcerers and warriors now stronger and still don’t need any
Look still not balanced :eyes:

Off-Topic : I’m sure some Forum ppl will “Adore” this change,since the made few posts with literally opposite requests :speak_no_evil:


Don’t worry everyone. They will just roll out new tower levels to offset the increased dragon power. That will totally balance the game for sure


Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? No! It’s new Atlas season with Mythic gear for bases,to make them unnerfed!:confetti_ball::tada:


So basically defending is pointless now. Awesome


I’m not quite sure why I’ve been working on my base gear like a zombie
Looks like now my base will be soloed by any crappy flyer with Huztil
It’s ok to be killed by skilled hunter flyer
But getting killed by skillness noob is embarrassing…:expressionless:



  • Increased viability of warriors and sorcerers.

  • Should also make it possible to introduce dragons that are useful even without insanely powerful spellsets.


  • Boosts hunters as well as warriors and sorcerers, meaning that hunters will continue to be the only class that really matters (and making the boosts to warriors/sorcerers less meaningful)

  • Boosts riders/gear, meaning that the gap between those with Atlas and without grows, and the gap between those with top-level riders/gear and those without grows.

  • Boosts dragons over defenses, when the balance was already in favor of dragons (without hammer-spam, dragons could pretty consistently win at most tiers).

  • Devalues defending.

Nice idea, and presumably well-intentioned, but seems like you’re creating/worsening more problems than you’re solving.


Don’t be so dramatic, flying against 2-3 defenders is what’s currently pointless.


So undefended? Lots of dragons splat against hammer spam. Prime example is Pathox. Long middle + hammer spam = dead