Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


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Honestly, in this part, I haven’t even touched research, hoping that he can understand by simple math. However, apparently, he isn’t :woman_facepalming:


Best to wait and see. Doubt they will release actual numbers since so many spells are being changed. I’m sure someone will find them but until then much of it is a guess on our part anyway.


May I get more info into the numbers you have shown above 130%=14%, I don’t see the correlation between them and how damage is calculated.

These are equations with a solution for reference


Quit quoting me and READ the thread about spell scaling.

It spells it out quite plainly here:

Which is from this thread:


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:see_no_evil: I’ll stop… I should go back to watching for war defensive banners anyway :eyes:



Can you please summarize all these number arguments once it reaches conclusion (if it ever reaches it…)?



I quoted the thread from Red’s quote, and orca posted the same piece of it. We all talking about the same thing, but as damage is calc’d HP times % of spell then reducing the damage 30% does not equal boosting the HP 30%.


Dude, you quoted the exact same part of my reply TWICE in this tread. Cut that out.


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Lol wow.

He is actually right if the % damage is reduced by 30%.

Pathox isn’t reduced by 30% but closer to 21%

I’m assuming the info about it’s 14% now and 11% tomorrow.


Read the screenshot I posted.
It’s said that the spell is 30% stronger with the boost (30% more than expected, thus 130% expected damage). Removing 30% means removing the 30% extra damage to return it to 100% expected damage.


On another note. Has anyone added up what the max HP boost can be with all buff options maxed?


Yes that’s correct.


Yes the wording seems to state that at the end of the spell scaling and with 30% consumable to HP that the spell will be 30% stronger than before, this is way incorrect unless we haven’t got the full story yet, which could be the case. Current info on scaling with 30% hp consumable is less than previous not accounting for research or gear which this doesn’t say. Current info you need 43% as stated in HP boost just to break even, not the 30% consumable will make you 30% stronger.


PG never stated where they were taking the 30% from though. What if they are using actual damage numbers. For instance taking 30% of the original damage number and then subtracting that from the modified. :laughing::laughing::man_shrugging:t2:

Edit: I meant this sarcastically but it actually works out. :rofl:

74,000,000 x .14 =10,360,000 x .3 = 3,108,000

74,000,000 + 22,600,000(30%)= 96,200,000 x .14= 13,468,000

13,468,000 - 3,108,000 = 10,360,000 same as before. :flushed:


Now that’s interesting. They stated 30% reduction all over the place but the random examples they gave weren’t original % times .7 :thinking:. Something to look into, thanks. Edit with new example: :exploding_head:, but they do show a reduction in the % of spell damage in the examples, back to :thinking:.


What a headache