Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


I was saying good job lol, you missed the :+1:. Breathe a little, come/calm on down haha. I have said also the meaningless repeats of “this sucks” needs to slow so info as to what can be found myself.


Can you stop mate. If you want to discuss balistas stick it in other topic.


Pathox is not a dragon I have personal investment in, but I would like to see pathox fixed.

If you are saying that your base was nerfed, I agree. All bases were. But this matters a lot more for “the 1%.”

I was using her words. I would expect anyone who had a defendable base to be angry. At least you can choose to increase your defense comparative to your level more, at the end you got nowhere to go.

Yeah this is a thing, and as I understand it, it may have something to do with existing platinum teams largely struggling in atlas.

I’ve made this recommendation before, but I’d make a private message to pg or a ticket requesting your team be given atlas and justifying why you think your team to be ready for it. (I’m sure time is also a factor here)

If I’m right, then maybe there is a Chance teams who know what they are getting into will be allowed on a case by case basis. And if I’m wrong it documents the desire of teams to get atlas.

No. While it’s true the top gets stronger dragons, overall they probably prefer the previous balance that existed. Plenty of top tier players already had dragons good enough to steamroll ALMOST any base, it just requires less skill now. Specifically ONI has become quite the terror.

All dragons are basically more in tune for their top tier which means they were calibrated for the end game at the time of release. You can see efforts to balance it in other tiers but it never really does a good job.

It’s more like that as a byproduct of the change it was necessary to make the majority of people in a good place which necessitates the top be too strong and the bottom be too weak in order to cause the least amount of problems. If they did it right they should probably have adjusted towers based on their comparative tiers and after far more through testing

You might notice that this seasons dragons seem to balance quite well with this change. I suspect they tested them with this change in mind.

No. You are quite wrong here. The top did not need stronger dragons. Mythic vanguard dragons and maxed riders were already making expensive towers a joke.

The top cannot build their bases anymore because there is nowhere to go. Any other tier at least has the option to build their base more.

Look at it this way.

Bases - no chance
Dragons - increased

What do you think that will do to a balance where all that’s being equal defense could barely win? That’s right it makes even a long maxed base possible by a large percentage of people. That removes any and all competition. It rewards spending further and takes away any flying skill. And really it makes you think why should You ever build a tower If you don’t need to go up in player level since nothing can be defended ever except by people hitting above their competition bracket…


Can you stop. Mate. Why you acting like this had nothing to do with them?

Oh i thought u meant off topic, bout to get mad lmao


What exactly is meant by a base 3 levels above it and what’s your definition of a decent base? My garnet base pretty easily stops emerald pathox so I find it hard to believe a “decent base” 3 levels higher cant stop it.

On topic at this point spell scaling is what it is but I’m still pretty peeved about the whole pathox situation and wonder why pg hasnt made any other statements about it.


It was necessary. You cannot buff dragons without increasing the max. The idea is to make it fair for the majority of players. Naked dragons (and I don’t just mean no rider or buff) are the minority.

Games need competition throughout the game. Not just the top, not just the bottom. The whole game.

They could either adjust towers or adjust the base stat of the spells. The latter is a simpler change. (Can you imagine if they touched all levels of all towers as part of this change)

All new dragons should scale a ton better. For everyone.

Pathox is a special case and if you ignore it, you personally won’t be feeling a nerf anywhere else unless something isn’t working as intended.

I’m absolutely certain this is not the case. It’s entiely possible we could get them to gift a bunch of these buffs.

Buffs make pg next to no money. They are a relic… they are manageable even for free to play players. (You can craft them as well as win them)


It was a short base with level 50 farms, Level 50 fire flak, electro flak and fire flak and a Platinum Pathox strolled right through the flaks and took out all but one farm. 250M base. Edited to add a 47 perch with Mythic and maxed gear. An no it was not my base. I was following and watched.


Pathox is definitely not OP at the end tier. He’s not even balanced. He’s weak. Itzani is arguably overpowered at end tier. He’s certainly far more powerful than Pathox and both are mythic vanguards (one divine, one tier based).


I’m not only talking about divines. But they are kitted so that’s a lot of the relevant dragons.

Lineage you have plenty of free silver chests runes that to matter. And they are now compounded in effect.

You don’t have to spend anything. I just presume if you played a certain amount you didn’t ignore those resources as you grow.


I don’t personally think it was a good idea to increase gear as much as it was, but with the old stats not many people were bothering with it. I think it was an overcorrection.

And I think this update was done far too quickly and crudely. And yet here we are.

It’s not like spell scaling is going to be undone, even though I think it should be rolled back until they can iron out the kinks. So let’s try to improve it rather than be against it.


I said leave naked dragon alone, and give a smaller max boost. It’s more reasonable this way, instead of nerf all naked dragons so boosts become a must to retain same power level. Boost should not become a must, rather, they are extra for players who want competition.

It’s not the first time PG has nerfed dragons, but most of them are old divines. It’s new that PG nerfed all dragons at a base level and force players to use boosts.


That would be why I didn’t use those words in the quote. Never said pathox was OP, except for that brief period after spell scaling first went live.

I don’t know if Itz is or not. It seems to be relatively in line with base power and highly skill and knowledge depedent. I use Itz. My itz is 5.4b. It can easily be taken down on some of the bases I attack regularly with defenders. A good flier can also dodge everything and kill almost anything. But that’s true of a lot of hunters. My skill with him is by far better than average but less than that of top fliers.

He wasn’t for a brief bit. Pathox could take the top bases of the game with maxed gear and simply spectral and then cast chill twice on each set of towers. The only possible way to mess up was to not cast chill fast enough or to have a hammer catch you just at the wrong time, and in this case you cast it once or twice more.

Pathox has increased in lethality at my tier for sure. I know entire teams that have gear maxed on it just because it was easily available and requires little skill when you can kill any tower with a double chilll.


You said it yourself.

Nerfing the naked dragons means that the players will be motivated of improving their stats via riders, gear, runes, whatnot.

It’s not mandatory, but if you want to stay competitive… Do you get it? Your complaint is the solution for the complaint.


It’s not mandatory? You have to use 30% boost just to break even! This looks like mandatory to me.


This is impossible. What they did is change how things were applied. You cannot decrease the max boost without decreasing the minimum boost

Math before is as such
BASE x SPELL. (chill was 14%)

Math after is as such
BASE x (1 + buff1 + buff2…etc) x SPELL

Whereas the main attack and effective HP already operated with:
BASE x (1 + buff1 + buff2…etc)

If you reduce the spell percentage it affects all levels. Base is the base state which also cannot be screwed with unless it causes more problems than we are probably seeing

What you are asking for is to vary the spell percentage as the dragon progresses. This is a much more major change and not actually beneficial to the intended goal.

What I think they should have done is instead make it so spells can be toggled one at a time and change them over one at a time… or they could have just made new spells for everything and only used the new spells on new dragons.

But this is all about putting the toothpaste back in the tube. It’s going to suck no matter what they do for a while.

But you need to get over your misconception about it being a nerf. Pathox is definitely a special case, and dragons like aibrean, fomhar and avyx I think there is an unintended issue for some people that if people could stop raging about spell scaling long enough we can maybe get to the bottom of what’s wrong with it and why.


FFS, why? Tell me, why should you? This whole game is revolving around constant development of your dragons and base! We keep improving, changing things. Just because a few dragons dropped their initial attack power the world won’t collapse!

I don’t have any problems with this whole change. I know it was like a cold shower, but orange is the new black, and unless something is unexpectedly extreme, it’s unlikely to be changed back.

For me this is like the day when I got my first specs. I was 12 and my whole world changed. Forever. And so what? I got used to it, and started enjoying the new possibilities, instead of whining that my frame is heavy on the nose.


Stop saying this. It’s false.

If you have nothing else it can make up for it in entirety. I doubt you have zero riders, zero gear, zero research, and zero runes


PG needs a different formula for spell damage.
BASE x SPELL + x% (A x buff 1) + Y% ( B x buff 2) + …etc
With A and B variable coefficients

Naked = 100%
MAX boost = 100% + 1% + .0.5 % + 2%…

This will give finer control of boost, and even allow major differential across tiers if A and B are tier based.


This doesn’t work without major changes to the game which are counter to their intended goal.

Spells have a fixed percentage, this is why it’s a percentage and not a fixed amount.

Hp and attack are scaling with it more or less. The flaw was that spells scaled disproportionally (less) to attack and hp, causing dragons depending on scaling spells to become less and less relevant over time compared to ones which do not depend on scaling spells (hunters)

The solution is correct, but it’s one they shouldn’t have done after it was released. It very clearly is putting toothpaste back in the tube. A new dragon setup this way from the start would have nobody having problems with it


Nerf base value will magnify the impact of gears, runes, etc. Like I have said before, I don’t have runes, riders, etc for all my dragons. Do you? Let temple raid be a test for players. Your old dragons are nerfed unless you put riders, runes, etc on them.